Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Race Tips!

We're about 6 weeks away from the Disney Princess Half Marathon - good thing, b/c thanks to work and sickness, my husband and I are both way behind in training!  I've been planning a 10 mile run for 2 weeks and now need to add several more shorter runs before I do 10!

One very important thing to consider when you're running is your wardrobe!

Who knew, right?

My fist race was the Army 10 miler - I wore my favorite pants and a tank - I was REALLY cold to start, but warmed up quickly!

At Disney races (and many other big races), you can wear old shirts, sleeves, hats, gloves, whatever and toss them when you warm up!  Volunteers pick up the clothes and donate them to local charities! 

EARRRLLLLYYY Disney Half Marathon

After Disney Half Marathon
 If you notice in the before and after, I had an old fleece which I loved, but had seen better days.... and gloves.  Both of which were tossed before mile 3, but kept me warm for the hours (yes, hours) that we spent waiting around in Epcot's Parking Lot before we started running!

Another hint - wear your outfits first!!  You don't want to try new socks (you MUST wash everything first) for race day unless you want blisters!  I finally found a running skirt that I love, but I tried several that were terrible first!  And, thanks to a terrible knee brace I have to wear for long distances, I know I can't wear the skirt on long runs (until I figure out the best way to use KT tape or find a better/smaller brace).

Here are my top tips, nice and condensed:

  1. Wear before running a big race in them!  It may be tempting to wear that new race shirt or brand spanking new socks, but they may not be as comfortable/fit as well as you want and you don't want to be stuck for 2+ hours!
  2. Wash your clothes/socks first!  Wearing a pair of un-washed socks could cause rubbing the wrong way - try to avoid those blisters!
  3. Consider wearing disposable layers - Many races collect the tossed layers and donate them to local shelters!  Gloves, hats, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts - consider your pre-race hanging out time that you'll be cool and remember you'll warm up along the run!
  4. Wear sunscreen - too many runners, myself included, don't wear sunscreen nearly enough!
  5. Costumes-try to run in a costume before hand, if only for a few miles.  Spend all that time making your fairy wings, practice to make sure they're not going to hit you the wrong way for 13 miles! 

Happy running!

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