Monday, January 21, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!

This week is a crazy week for me - being in the military in D.C., Monday and Tuesday this week are dedicated to the Presidential Inauguration.  As I type this on Sunday night, I'm preparing to go to bed around 7 p.m. being that I have to leave for work around 3 a.m.  So, the president is on my mind!

You probably know that President Obama visited Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom to give a speech in January of 2012. But...
Luckily, politics don't exist in my Magic Kingdom!

Did you know:
With the exception of Lyndon B. Johnson (who died in 1973), all presidents since Truman have visited a Disney resort at some point in time in their life.  7 have even visited during their term of office. Truman refused to ride Dumbo, as he didn't want to be seen riding on an elephant.  True story. 

  • Jimmy Carter visited the Magic Kingdo during his term in 1978
  • Ronald Reagan visited EPCOT Center during his term in 1983/85
    • Prior to his political career, he co-hosted the opening day telecast of Disneyland in 1955!
  • George H.W. Bush (Sr) EPCOT Center visited during his term in 1990 and 1991
Outside of the parks,
  • Richard Nixon held a conference at Disney's Contemporary Resort in 1973
    • His famous "I am not a crook" speech was delivered here in front of the press
  • George W. Bush visited the Grand Floridian in 2003 and the Contemporary in 2006
  • Bill Clinton visited the Disney Institute in 1996
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  1. I'm so not into politics, but this is a fascinating bit of trivia for this week! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Very interesting information! I didn't know Nixon's speech was given at the Contemporary! Btw, love the Dumbo pic :) Thanks for hosting!