Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Final Days!

Oh My Goodness.

I am only days away from getting on that airplane to fly to Orlando!

I have so much to do.

So much that if I don't write it down, it may not happen!  So, here goes:

  • Get pins together
  • Make stroller sign
  • Finish Adam's tutu - yeah, you read that write.  Love you, Adam!
  • Make a grocery list for my parents (they're awesome enough to bring us food!)
  • Order diapers/wipes on amazon to deliver to my parents as well (or could be sent to resort)
  • Pack the boys clothes - my plan is to pack outfits in ziplocks so they're ready to go daily!
  • Buy extra shoes for Noah - his old shoes are too small - hopefully Target has a pair with a little bit of a wedge - he needs about 1" to get on the 40" rides.  I'm hopeful!
  • Pack our clothes (including our running stuff)
  • Get carry on stuff together!
I think that's it!  It's a lot, but should be good to go!

In serious need of Magic!

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