Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Weeks Away

The last two weeks are upon us - thanks to President's Day, our work days are less (though some longer, thanks to me working 2 nights this week)..

But, aside from that, most of the dirty work has been taken care of:

I almost missed the deadline to pre-order photopass +
- unlike regular photopass, you must pre-order 2 weeks due to materials being mailed to you! The difference - character meals and ride pictures are included... since Noah will finally be tall enough for some rides, I went with this expensive upgrade!  I fudged at only 13 days out, but my-inlaws are joining us and leaving after us, so they can always stop by our mailbox if need be!

Left on my list?
  • Plane toys - we have books, movies, crayons, and coloring pages (printed from but we need some new toys for the little guy!
  • a package to my parents (though this could be sent to the resort - has anyone sent directly to a resort before?) of diapers, wipes, snacks, etc...
  • Pack!
  • Check-in before we go - save time at the airport AND Disney resort by checking in early online!

Can't wait!

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