Thursday, March 7, 2013

Brace Yourself - flying with two!

My now 3 year old son, Noah, has been flying since he was 4 months old.  A good friend was getting married, and we had to be there.  So, we booked a flight and made the trek to Louisiana.  We followed that flight 2 months later with a trip to visit the grandparents.... and, of course, the mouse.  As a fairly difficult baby, he traveled like a pro!

Zachary, on the other hand... his first flight/trip was scheduled for just shy of 10 months old.  We've never even been on a long (longer than an hour - in our hour it takes an hour to get just about anywhere) car ride.  So, I had a feeling that he wouldn't fly well - I was hoping I was being pessimistic, but it turned out - I was right.

From close to the beginning of the flight, he was fussy - it was his afternoon nap time, so I was hopeful he would fall asleep easily - or that I could nurse him to sleep easily.  But - we haven't co-slept in months... and really, the only co-sleeping we really did was falling asleep on the couch for an afternoon nap.  
The look of the trip - Z and me in the ring sling!

I had him in my trusty ring sling and bounced him in the back of the plane for as long as I could - he slept on me while the seat-belt sign was off.  Once we sat back down, he woke up again, but luckily was a little more peaceful! 

The big man, on the other hand, flew like a pro.  He had an old cell phone loaded with games and movies for him, an activity kit filled with a Disney Junior magazine, coloring pages/crayons, books, etc...  We sat him by the window with my hubby in between us, and I feel like I barely saw him (of course for the majority of that flight, I was in the back trying to get the baby to calm down!).
An old WDW trip folder filled with coloring pages and activities!
Thanks to Disney Junior online and my amazing Envy printer, I found a lot of coloring pages, and a Sofia the First Princess activity kit - which he never even touched until we got home!  We colored a little at the villa, but there were so many distractions... I just like to be prepared!

Our flight home was much easier - after a week of him getting re-acquainted with sleeping in my arms, that wasn't the problem.

Plus - he broke tooth #6 during our week there, so I'm pretty sure that's why he was so fussy on the plane.. and had a fever for half of our trip!  Yikes!!

On the flight home, as soon as the seat belt sign came on, Noah said he needed to potty.  I asked the flight attendant "So... if the seat belt sign is on and a 3 year old has to potty..."  Basically, he informed me that he recommended we stay seated (i.e. I'm not responsible if you get hurt) and Adam and Noah ran to the bathroom... for the second time of the 2 hour flight.  When you've gotta go, you've gotta go!

Well, overall - flying with two was a lot harder than flying with one.  No break for either of us!  Luckily, WDW is only a 2 hour flight.  

I think we'll be waiting a few more years before we head to Disneyland!


  1. Aww, we just flew with our two, a 5-year-old and an 18-month-old, for the first time (neither one had ever been on a flight before) and it was very interesting. I know what you mean about not getting a break. I feel like that everywhere we go...

  2. I guess that's definitely life!! Worth it, but I'm happy to not fly again for 9 months!