Friday, March 22, 2013

Foodie Friday - Be Our Guest

You know you've been waiting for it - another (my first) Be Our Guest Restaurant Review!

With it's official opening in December, 2012, New Fantasyland opened a new castle restaurant - in Prince Adam's Castle (Or Beast's Castle as more commonly known).  And this one doesn't *yet* cost $60 per person!
Our ADR was for 5:30 and we checked in around 5:15.  We were told "just a few minutes" and instructed to wait on the bridge leading to the castle. 

If you look closely, you can see that bridge in the bottom right - you've probably seen pictures of gargoyles - they're on this bridge.

It's a beautiful view if you're facing the teeny tiny castle.  The forced perspective is slightly given away when the seemingly gigantic black birds land on the roof, but it really is a beautiful castle.  

Unfortunately for us, we were stuck waiting for about 45 minutes (and I did re-check a few times that they hadn't forgotten about us).  Apparently, when they started booking ADR's before the opening, they had grand dreams of how many tables they could turn over in a specific period of time.  Sadly, they were grossly mistaken!  The wait is much longer than expected - they are now booking less tables than they originally planned, keeping it on the toughest restaurant to score a reservation list.  Make sure you're planning 180+10 days out, or letting your friendly travel agent know you want that reservation so she can book it for you as soon as possible (I say she as if you're using my girl, Kelly - the WDW Guru!)

I have to say - our wait was well worth it in my opinion.  I know my friend Chris from Everything WDW doesn't agree with me, but we really enjoyed our experience!  When we entered the castle, our hostess gave me a tour (my family straggled behind as I held on to the host's every word!), pointing out where the restrooms were and where the Beast was waiting to greet us after we finished our meal.
Our table had what seemed to be the perfect spot.  Dead center in the ballroom, right where there is a walkway in between the masses of tables.  We had a fantastic view of the snowing French countryside (so well done) and from my seat, I could see directly into the West Wing where the portrait of Prince Adam was hanging.

Our table greeted us with perfectly crafted rose petal napkins and our server welcomed us to the restaurant quickly - while I never felt as though they were rushing us, they didn't take their time serving us, handing us menus, etc.. as the standard in many other restaurants!

I wasn't sure exactly what to order, so I pulled out my phone and quickly headed to see what A.J. recommended.  If you don't read The Disney Food Blog on a regular basis, you're missing out.  While I don't have the same affinity to plastic cheese that she does and we disagree on the best wings in Buffalo (sorry AJ, I'm a Duff's fan), I love her blog and obsession with Disney food.

As for the food:
French Onion Soup
I followed her recommendation and ordered the Potato Leek Soup.  It has a strong chive smell, but I didn't mix them in and the taste didn't overpower the soup.  My husband ordered the French Onion Soup, and as a man that doesn't love onions, he really enjoyed the soup.  I prefer a sharper french onion flavor, but it was perfect for him!
Potato Leek Soup
Now for the entrees!

Noah had a Mickey meatloaf with a side of orange sauce (which he didn't like) and broccoli.  This is part of the new "healthy kids" meals - the turkey meatloaf has zucchini in it to add in extra veggies!  

Adam ordered the Thyme Scented Pork Rack Chop with au gratin macaroni and vegetables.  The vegetables were given to the kids and I had to have a few bites of the mac n cheese *yum*, but he really liked his pork chop!

I was the ordering winner - Grilled Strip Steak with garlic-herbed butter and  Pomme Frites (steak fries).  I think I could put that garlic-herbed butter on everything forever.  And ever. 

The steak was amazing.  Amazing.  I'm still drooling.  It was enough to split with the baby (yeah, my baby loves red meat) and my husband.  And the fries... in the garlic butter.   Did I mention the garlic butter?

We had two desserts - the one we ordered and the one we had to special request:

Chocolatey chocolate mouse cupcake or something - the chocolate ganache was delicious, but the cupcake itself wasn't amazing.  However, if you dipped it in..
The grey stuff!

It's a dollop of mousse, but as they say - it's delicious!  You will probably have that song stuck in your head the whole night!

More about the ambiance:
As I mentioned, it's snowing outside - Noah even asked a cast member where the snow went when we walked outside after dinner - it really looks amazing.

The ceiling is a combo of awesome

And creepy:

The waitress said they're baby pictures of the animators and/or of the children born while making the movie.

About halfway through the meal (and once again near the end, so maybe every 20 minutes?) the Beast walks down the aisle to greet his guests:
We had good seats
We toured the West Wing after our meal - just in time to watch the portrait change.

This is proof I need a better camera.  It was so slow, I missed it!

The red rose losing it's petals is in a corner by the window:

On the way out, we met with the Beast and took a picture with him... on my photopass cd, not yet ready for this post!

I loved our meal.  Aside from our seriously long wait, it was great.  I thought I was outsmarting the system - skipping the long lunch wait by having a dinner ADR.  Sadly, that didn't happen.  So, next time we'll have an early lunch and check out the light differences they offer at lunch - don't worry, we'll report back then, but it's going to be a while!

Have you experienced Be Our Guest or have it in your future plans?  Share your thoughts in comments, on the facebook page, or on twitter!


  1. I think we had the same table! And I am also a Duffs fan.

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    Wow! That steak looks incredible!