Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm a Princess!

February 24th, 2013 - I received a tiara - I became a Princess!

My husband and I dressed for the part:

My husband was bluffing 
Race morning started off like other races with one big difference: we were staying on property so just had to head to the Hospitality House at Old Key West and hop on a bus!  We woke up at 3 (probably later than previous years), got dressed, grabbed our bag (packed the night before), and headed to the bus.

*Let me just say - arriving early, the buses were crowded, but frequent!  Our bus driver stopped to pick up stragglers and I can't imagine a happier bus driver during any time of the day!*

Adam and I walked in early and met up with my friend, Katie, and other members of a facebook running group I've been following.  We're not the most social people at 4 a.m., so we said hello and tried to find (unsuccessfully) the other few members of the Magical Blogorail Running Team.
Fancy firework tower thing went off for the start of the race

Once we headed to the corrals, it was just us - and, for our 2nd half in a row, we decided to run together!  Last year, Adam ran in just over 2 hours (I was prego so just watched!) and my half pr is 2:34 (2:36? I'm sadly not sure).  My Disney PR is 2:46 (with photo stops), but my runDisney philosophy is run and have fun - lots of pictures, slowing down on Main Street and in the Magic Kingdom - taking it all in!

I had been having knee issues and Adam has some feet issues (heel spur), so we were just going nice and slow.  Our first stop was with Noah in mind:

Adam was one of the 6% of men running the Princess half.  I didn't notice until he pointed it out, but 1200 out of 25000 is a big difference than a regular race!

Being a "women's race", there were more princesses and princes than normal, but overall it, was fairly typical of a runDisney race!  13.1 miles, same course as January's Marathon Weekend race, and 25,000 runners.

We stopped in the Magic Kingdom to meet Tiana:

Closer to the end, we stopped to meet Mrs. Incredible:

We saw Princess Atta from A Bug's Life at the beginning, but we passed her again before we got back to EPCOT for the finish!

The lines for the Princesses, Princes, Jack Sparrow, and the villains were insanely long.  We only stopped for lines that were moving quickly with under 15 people... except for when we saw Princess Aurora!

Overall, we had another great Disney Half Marathon.  We will continue our tradition of 1 Disney half marathon per year in 2014 - Wine and Dine!

Our official time was 3:08 - which honestly, I didn't even know until I looked it up writing this post!

Runner speak: We use the Galloway method and run at a 3:1 interval.  Our average pace is 11:30-12:00 miles for this distance.  Our half in October would have been dead on at 2:30 if my knee had been okay running!

Our training hasn't been as consistent as it should be - 2/3 days a week - with Adam's commute and job, he's gone for 11 hours a day making running a low priority!  Plus, with the two little boys, it can be a challenge to find the proper time to run.  Not to mention my knee issues - still working on figuring out what the deal is... it doesn't currently hurt, so that's a plus!

My general plan is based on Galloways plans from the runDisney website:

  • Intervals once per week - usually I follow an interval program on my treadmill
  • 1 30 minute run per week (usually a 3 mile)
  • Weekend long run - anywhere from 5-12, depending on the week
My Next Very Doable Goals:
  • 10k in under an hour - I just recently ran 5 in 51, so this shouldn't be hard!
  • 13.1 in under 2:30 - and finishing without limping!
    • I'm planning to run 2 more half marathons this year not at Disney - the best way to PR!
Have you runDisney?  What are your favorite events?

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  1. Congrats! That is awesome!
    I just signed up to run the Wine & Dine half in November!

    I can't wait.