Monday, March 25, 2013

My Little Barnstormer

For months, I was convinced that Noah would be tall enough (40") to ride a lot of the big rides in our early 2013 trip.

Turns out, he's only about 39".  This means he's tall enough for The Barnstormer with the Great Goofini and Kali River Rapids, but that's about it.

Not my most photogenic angle, but I love seeing Noah's face!
We enjoyed the Rapids ride on our first morning - for the smaller children, they get a special wrist band which alerts the loading cast members to put down a safety bar in front of them.  We buckled him in behind the safety bar and headed onto our journey.

Noah loved it so much he went back on with Adam (no lines!) immediately after and was so proud of being soaked!

After our lunch at Sanaa (two delicious meals... and neither of them on the blog... yet!), we headed to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon.

We took the train to the New Fantasyland Station and, after arriving and playing in the Casey, Jr. Splash and Soak, we headed onto the Barnstormer!

With a height requirement of only 35", we knew that this would be his first coaster.

I lucked out and got to sit with him while my husband recorded the experience from behind

He didn't quite know what to expect on the ride and kept trying to put his chin on the safety bar.  I put my hand underneath so we wouldn't hurt his jaw!  He never made a peep - no screams, aahhs, oohs, eeks - nothing.  Silence.

Even as we were exiting the ride, he was pensive - quiet and trying to decide if he liked it or not.  He eventually decided that he didn't like it, but would try it again when he was older.  Very mature for a 3 year old, don't you think?

Our next trip, we'll see how he does - have to ride it again before we try any of the bigger coasters that he'll be tall enough for!


  1. We have a local theater that has a small coaster.We recently went to try it out to see if our boys would like coasters before our Disney trip. The whole time my 4.5 year old was narrating! "Oh no, we are going up! Up Up Up! Down Down stay down Dragon!!! Oh no! Back up, up, up!!! Don't go down Dragon!!!" He said he loved it the most of anything ever! So excited for the "real" coasters at Disney this fall!

  2. I love that they have the Barstormer so that kids his size can try out roller coasters without much trauma. I love that coaster! His little head with his eyes staring at you - so cute.

  3. One of my daughters tried the Barnstomer for the first time last week and loved it. I thought she would have hated it. I am glad they have that ride because it made her warm up to a lot of other rides that she was once afraid to go on!

  4. Awwww, too cute! The Barnstormer is the perfect intro to roller coasters. Way to go, Noah, for giving it a try!

  5. That is really cute/smart of him to decide. :) Magical memories