Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh My AoA!

Disney's Art of Animation Resort open with a lot of fanfare in May of 2012.  Okay, maybe not a lot of fanfare, but in the Disney media world, there was a lot of hubbub!

Unfortunately for me, it opened after our trip and without another one planned for many months, I looked at all the pictures I could while planning a day in our next trip to tour the grounds!

We had considered staying here, but ended up lucking out with a great room at Old Key West.  It's in the plans to stay here on a future trip (when we don't need an extra room for my parents!), though, and I know that my boys will love it!

We started with the much-anticipated Cars area.  The whole Cars franchise is very popular in our house, so I knew we couldn't miss this!

Noah took off running!

And was in 3 year old boy heaven!

He ran from car to car, climbing wherever possible (until we noticed the "no climbing" signs) and saw all of the main "Car"achters from the movies!

The Mater and McQueen are probably better meet-n-greets than at Hollywood Studios!

Next, we came upon the Finding Nemo area - the walls of the building covered with gigantic fish - remember, if you're Nemo's size, these fish are supposed to be bigger than you!

We walked around until we found an adorable playground - Noah immediately started running around and playing!

The gigantic crush is as impressive in person as in pictures:

We didn't get to fully look around the Lion King and Little Mermaid areas as we were meeting up with some people in the Landscape of Flavor (The Art of Animation counter service).  Let me just say - I wish the build- your-own salad were found in the parks!

I can't wait to see the inside of the rooms in person - I've heard they're super small, but so well themed it's worth it!

Have you stayed at Disney's Art of Animation?  Where would you stay if you had to choose?  Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo, or Little Mermaid (only non-suites).

For more pics, make sure to check out the facebook page!! I'll be adding albums from my trip, so keep checking in!

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  1. We want to stay here so badly! But I think we would never get the kids to the parks! :-) We are thinking maybe our next trip too. I want to go before Joey is "too old" for Cars. Guess we better get planning!