Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Old Key West - Home Sweet Home

My, oh my!  Old Key West!  Where to start with this amazing resort?  For years, I've seen Amy and her Growing up Disney family talk about how they love Old Key West.  And, even more recently, I've heard the WDW Today team talk about how big the villas are at OKW.  So, when the opportunity to rent a villa at OKW came about, I jumped at the chance!

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, washer/dryer - all for us.  On property.  AMAZING.  And, it WAS amazing..

Walking in, the view is of the living room/kitchen/dining area:

The 2 bedrooms both have their own bathrooms - one king bed and one has 2 queen beds:

And, of course mousekeeping makes towel art for you!

 The bathrooms were AMAZING!  The master bath had a jetted jacuzzi which  was wonderful after running 13.1 miles and chasing after little boys!

*Sadly, I have no pictures of this.  Looks like we'll have to stay there again to get a pic!*

The kitchen was great - perfect for getting bottles together for race mornings (I'm still nursing, but we've had to start supplementing formula for when I'm working - it worked perfectly for race morning!

I told Adam that if the condo we lived in when we first got married was this big, we might not have moved out so quickly!

I have to admit - the beach theme wouldn't be my first choice, but it was bright and open - which is all I really need for a vacation home!

The location of OKW is also fantastic - almost directly across the street from EPCOT (we could semi-see Illuminations from our villa.  We definitely heard it every night.  We requested a villa on the main road - the Unofficial Guide recommended a few specific rooms, but I simply made my requests when I did the online-check-in.  Next time, I think I would request a specific building, but we were only 1 building away from the first stop - it was perfect!  When we missed our bus, we had plenty of time to make it to the main building to catch the last stop!

Another perk of OKW is being a quick boat ride away from Downtown Disney.   We headed there a few times for meals - one night I even hopped on the boat to pick up Earl of Sandwich.


  • Size - biggest rooms on Walt Disney World property
  • Location - a short bus to EPCOT (and really, everywhere), boat to DtD
  • Price - due to it's age (oldest DVC), it is often a few dollars/points cheaper
  • We could see the fireworks from our hotel!
  • Olivia's Cafe - a great sit-down restaurant at the Hospitality (Main) House
  • Counter Service Dining - nothing aside from burgers/chicken fingers - we skipped this!
  • We could hear the fireworks from our hotel.  But - you most likely aren't in bed at 9 p.m. on vacation like us!
Yup.  I loved it.  Anyone want to buy a DVC membership for me?
The only hidden mickey I could find!


  1. Looks like a great stay - we stayed here a few years ago and they are very spacious as you mentioned. Great pictures as well!

  2. Can I confirm -- traditional coffee pot in the kitchens? Thanks for the article and all the pictures, too! It is our home DVC resort, but we have yet to stay there -- but we have reservations for our next trip. woohoo!