Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!

Did you know:
When Walt Disney World was opening in 1971, there were no plans for a Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.  The Imagineers at the time didn't think the guests who live so much closer to the actual Caribbean would be interested.  After the opening, guests were constantly asking where the POC ride was - so much that they scrapped their original (and amazing) plan for a whole Western themed area and added a smaller version of the POC attraction from Disneyland.
Those Pirates are taking over!


  1. I'm glad they made the choice to have a Pirates at WDW, it's one of our favorite rides. Thanks for sharing the great trivia this week!

  2. Did you know Big Thunder Mountain actually came about from the Thunder Mesa/Western River Expedition attraction idea? The whole thing sounded pretty cool, but I'm glad we have POTC. It's a great attraction!