Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Kids, Two Strollers!

With our older son, we were given many hand-me-down strollers.  Add the running (Bob) we were given from my family as a gift, we have way too many strollers.  I thought about several double - I really liked the idea of a sit and stand a coworker handed down a massive Graco front/back double.  That double I can hardly push around the neighborhood; I definitely wasn't planning to travel with my own double stroller!
Our favorite Disney Single

In all reality, I hardly ever put Z in a stroller - we're both very comfortable babywearing and after much back and forth about bringing our own all together, decided to *check our stroller with our luggage for the Magical Express to deliver it to our resort and rent a double from Kingdom Strollers.  

I'd heard great things about the CitiMini Double and decided on that one easily.  
With the stroller, we got:
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  • Parent Console - two cup holders and bag to hold snacks or anything on the go!
  • Rain Cover - stated to take up 2/3rds of the basket, but it was folded SO well, it barely took up any room at all
  • Glider Board - Noah only used it a few times and it was probably more of a hassle than it was worth for us.  I couldn't figure out how to take it off, but I tied it up so we didn't kick it every time we too a step.  *I would absolutely recommend this for an older child and will probably do this again when we only need a single*
We had a slight issue - when we checked in to the resort and were about to head to our room with all of our carry-ons and now 2 tired children and coats, I headed to Bell Services and they couldn't find our stroller!  

First, I double checked that I had reserved it for the right date and time and immediately emailed Matt, the owner of the company who I'd previously had contact with.  He called me within an hour, headed to the resort, and called me back to tell me that it had been there the whole time. They set it aside for us to make sure it didn't get lost in the mix again, and we picked it up when we headed back to the Hospitality House (where check in, bell services, the Conch General Store, and Olivia's Cafe are all located) for dinner.

Our first time really using it was touring Art of Animation resort - Noah was in and out and, as you can see, his seat was often storage.  But, Zachary didn't complain!

This stroller folded up insanely easily, and though my husband was the one dealing with it, it never seemed too terribly difficult to get on and off the buses for transport. 

For the rare stroller naps, they folded down beautifully.  Our final afternoon in the Magic Kingdom, I strolled Z around New Fantasyland while he fell comfortably asleep for an hour!

Drop off was simple - I took it back to bell services the morning we were checking out and left it with them.  Too easy!

I will definitely rent with them again and absolutely recommend them with the highest confidence!  Make sure to tell them Jenn from Disney Babies Blog sent you!

*I was not compensated for this review, but provided with a stroller of my choosing free of charge.  All opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. I loved the stroller we got from Kingdom Strollers last year. I'm just sad that Ian will be 7 on our next trip and won't be needing one! I love having something to push and store stuff in!