Monday, March 4, 2013

What a Trip!

Hey - remember me?  I definitely took a week off!  Why?  Because I was at Walt Disney World!  

Yup - it was that time of year again - when my husband and I runDisney.  

This time around, we did both the Royal Family 5k and the Princess Half Marathon.

For the 5k, we met up with Mary from Capturing Magical Memories

and slowly walked our way through the 5k.  Expect more 5k details soon, but I'll just say - they held us back quite a while for us to get to the 1 mile mark at 1:04:21!  Even Noah could walk a mile faster than that!

The half was a blast - 13.1 miles is much less intimidating the 4th time (my 2nd Disney half, but 4th overall).  And, I even convinced my husband into wearing a tutu - Virginia Tech (his alma mater) colors!

The rest of the week had ups and downs - a sick and/or teething baby, a 3 year old that refused to sleep in his bed the whole night - we were definitely tired!

But, it was a great trip.  Old Key West was amazing.  Definitely my new favorite, mostly for size.  Our villa was incredible and I loved taking the boat to Downtown Disney!  

I've got so much to go into detail about:
  • Old Key West
  • Royal Family 5k
  • Princess Half Marathon
  • Magical Blogorail Meet Up!
Keep stopping by for new posts and experiences!

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  1. 400 Miles to DisneylandMarch 4, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    Sounds like fun! Glad you got to see Mary!