Friday, April 5, 2013

Dumbo's Playground!

Month before our trip, I had seen many pictures and read so much about the "interactive queue" for Dumbo that I was so excited to see it.

But our first afternoon in the Magic Kingdom, we quickly grabbed a fastpass - out of habit more than anything else.  We walked right on to - Zachary's first ride - and enjoyed a nice flight, but didn't play.

The first time we walked in to see was our date night in the Magic Kingdom.  While we didn't need to wait in line (the area was empty), we took a peak in to see the queue at night!

Something missing?  Maybe a few working lights...

Not a child in sight!

The next day, we spent a wonderful long and enjoyable day in the magic kingdom.  We enjoyed our 20+ minute wait (no fastpasses for us... at least not with Dumbo) and the boys had fun being free!

Noah loved all of it...

Climbing across the tight rope:

Playing with fireworks

Ready to jump from the 3rd story window:

And even driving the clown car with his baby brother:

This new "queue" is probably my absolute favorite part of New Fantasyland.  Even watching a 10 month old I was able to semi-relax inside a nice comfortable building.  I bet this place will be a zoo in the summer, but well worth it!  The kids loved it, the themeing and colors are stunning, and it's a great welcome!

Hope you all enjoy it, too!

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  1. Was it hard to get them to leave when it was your turn to ride?