Monday, April 22, 2013

Limited Time Boy Bands

Throughout 2013, Disney is having "Limited Time Magic" - special shows, events, characters for short periods of time.  Most 'events' are for a week, though a renewed version of the Main Street Trolley show will continue for nearly 2 months.

When I first heard the announcement of this campaign, they sent out the glimmer of hope that one of the weeks would be the Dapper Dans singing popular songs from "Boy Bands."  I was instantly excited about that - I know many scoffed at the ridiculousness of that, but boy bands and barbershop quartet? Talk about a win!

*For those that don't know me that well - my neighbors in college had a barbershop quartet.  It's now college and Disney nostalgia for me!  Plus, I've been a boy-band fan since my NKOTB in elementary school*

So, when I heard that it just so happened that my week would be Dapper Dans singing Boy Bands? You KNOW I had to make that happen!

If you've never seen the Dapper Dans, you're totally missing out.  They're barbershop, which I guess isn't everyone's thing, but at Disney, they should be.  Check out some of their standard set:

Our final park day, and our full Magic Kingdom day, we headed to Casey's Corner for lunch and while our slow poke of a 3 year old was eating his hot dog and Z was having a meltdown, I grabbed Z, put him in the sling, and headed down the street to hear the Dapper Dans do their thing.

And it was amazing.

Excuse the cellphone quality video - it's all I had on me - but it's worth a watch.  Enjoy the Dapper Dans singing music of the boy bands (and probably some other stuff)!

Do you watch the Dapper Dans? Did you get to see their boy band special?

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