Monday, April 22, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!

Just like the Windows on Main Street, U.S.A., the stores (and some windows) at Disney's Hollywood Studios are no different!  Located on Hollywood Boulevard, this store is different than the Disney windows in that it isn't representing Disney Imagineers!

Adrian and Edith's
Head to Toe
"Costumes of the Stars"

Adrian Greenberg and Edith Head were two of classic Hollywood's costume designers.  Adrian is best known for designing Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers for the Wizard of Oz and Edith won 8 academy awards out of 35 nominations - more than any other woman in her time.  She worked extensively with Albert Hitchcock, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and eventually designed the first female uniform for the U.S. Coast Guard!  Edith was known for being much more subdued than her contemporaries like Adrian!

(info from Wiki and Studios - thanks Matt!)


  1. How interesting! I never have thought to really look into the things on the windows at HS. Great trivia!

  2. I've noticed them, but I never really knew the stories behind the DHS windows. Very interesting trivia! Thanks for hosting!

  3. more great window trivia from Disney Babies Blog! :) Love it!