Monday, April 29, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Disney writers made up a college - Medfield College- and used it in many movies from The Absent Minded Professor in 1961 to Flubber in 1997.

My favorite part of this bit of trivia - next time you're on the Journey into Imagination with Figment, keep your eyes posted - in one of the rooms is a lettermen jacket for Medfield College!

I couldn't get a good picture of it (noticed it too late), so instead, I'll leave you with this:

*Medfield trivia mentioned in Disney Trivia from the Vault.  The book is filled with tons of great knowledge from Disney archivist Dave Smith. The Imagination connection I found myself!*


  1. I love how Disney hides stuff like this in their attractions! Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  2. I never realized that! Thanks for sharing. And good for you picking up on it!

  3. Wow, never realized this either. I will have to look for it next time, thanks for sharing.

  4. I need to pick up a copy of that book! Great trivia! Thanks for hosting, Jenn!

  5. I had no idea about this! I will be on the lookout for that next time we are in WDW!