Monday, April 8, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

I've mentioned a few times (okay, many time), that Imagineers love to leave their mark in the parks.  Sometimes they leave their own name, birthdays, anniversaries, pictures of their children, or they will honor previous Imagineers after years of hard work.

Did you know:
Joe Rohde has been an Imagineer since 1980, but is best known for being the lead Imagineer behind Disney's Animal Kingdom.  He left his mark in an obvious way, but it's very easy to miss!

Masks and Beads
the finest collection of Traditional Art in East Africa
Worldwide Parcel service
Ushaufu Way - Nairobi (I wish I could see those numbers clearly!)

I had heard about this but had never found it.  And, luckily, when the Magical Blogorail Ladies and I stopped for a picture outside the back of the Tusker House Restaurant in the Animal Kingdom, I noticed the sign right behind us... well, until we were interrupted by people exiting the restaurant from that door!

Beth from Pursuing the Magic, Mary from Capturing Magical Memories, Melissa from Disney on Wheels, Z and me!


  1. I love finding little details like this that the imagineers have added to their work! This sign is one of my favorite examples of that!

  2. Very cool! Never noticed that detail, but I love hearing Joe talk on the Disney documentaries we enjoy watching on Netflix. He's an interesting guy!

  3. I had no idea that was there! Will have to hunt it down next time! Thanks for hosting the hop! And btw, I love Beth's shirt :)

  4. Tons of these signs in Tusker House, too!