Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photopass Magic

For our February trip, we splurged on Photopass Plus - the newer version of Photopass.  While the original photopass was $99 (less with a pre-order code), they've recently upped the price and added ride pictures.  With the pre-order code, we decided to order it in hopes of Noah getting on some of the big kid rides.

Unfortunately, Noah missed the big rides by 1" so we had to find our own ways of making the photopass worth while.

Normally, our ride pictures are taken on our phones with the copyright mark splashed across the front.

Photopass Perks:

  • Ride pictures are included

Gotta love posing for the cameras... I was trying to give him bunny ears, but the angle is way off!

  • If you see a photopass photographer, ask to take pics wherever you are - we even got some taken while on the Mad Tea Party.
  • Borders and character Signatures can be added!

I love riding this Noah - we giggle the whole time! 

  • Photopass Magic 
    • Look for photopass photographers without tripods
    • Magic pictures must be taken during daylight

With photopass magic, you won't necessarily know what you'll have in your pictures until you preview them!

  • Capture memories without thinking about your own camera and watch your family make memories with your eyes instead of through your camera!

Zachary's first character interaction - he was actually upset and crying, but it looks like a smile, so I'll take it!

  • Character meal pictures are included.

We met the Beast at the end of our Be Our Guest Restaurant meal.  And, while they would have happily taken our pictures with our camera, other meals, such as Donald's Tusker House breakfast will only allow photopass pictures.

Cost vs. Convenience
  • Similar to the dining plan, Photopass may not be worth the money.  
  • You can almost always hand the photographers your camera.
  • Photopass photographers are trained using DSLR cameras - much better quality than I have/know how to use!
  • Perfect for "first ride" or "first visit" opportunities. 
  • With the unlimited photopass, you can receive all of your pictures on a disc or digital download.  Most recently, I had just under 200 pictures
  • You can upload your own pictures to add borders to, though the options are limited.
  • If you're considering it, preorder to save money!  Check out for codes!
  • Make sure to order photopass + at least 2 weeks before you go - you have to bring a coupon with you to verify that you preordered!
So, do you photopass?  For more details, check out Disney Living Online for more details and a great review!


  1. I LOVE the photopass and always buy it if I am there for more than a few days. This past January when I was down in California at Disneyland for a week my family and I bought the photopass (which it is cheaper at Disneyland) and we had so many photopass pictures that they mailed us two discs - just over 1,000 photos plus the ones I edited - we didn't wait in many lines for photopass people at all and got a ton of "magic photos" - I am headed down to Disney World in November and plan on buying the photopass again. I LOVE IT!

  2. I do like using photopass and handing them my camera as well. I don't know what happens when they take photos, my camera - eyes open, their camera - eyes shut, nearly every darn time!

  3. We love Photopass! It's the only way we ever get family pictures! I love that shot of you guys on the bench with Mickey - I've not seen that one before.

  4. Excellent pics!