Friday, May 17, 2013

Transportation and Sick Kids - Perks of Staying on WDW Property

For our trips, we switch between staying on and off property.  While we all prefer staying on property, sometimes it makes more sense to rent a villa off property (more room/less money).

When we decided to stay on property instead of lugging around 2 carseats, I was nervous about not having our own car.  We always have our own car.  

What about nap time?
What if we need a quick getaway from a meltdown?
What if, what if, what if?

Well, we started off with another *mostly* great experience with Disney's Magical Express.

Little waiting and a nice and easy drive to our resort.

So relaxing that I missed our sign....

But other than that, the ride was almost perfect.

Now, one thing I had never really considering before when staying off property and having a car was - what would happen if one person got sick.  Would everyone have to stay home?  Would we take a cab?  

Mid-trip, Zachary had a fever.  He wasn't sleeping well at night (very unusual for him) then could hardly keep his eyes open.  He is constantly one to have a fever/cold symptoms while teething, and what would you know but a tooth popped thru on our 3rd park day.  But, with him not sleeping and needing to nap, we were left with 2 options - all of us go later in the day (which would have been our option staying off property) or split up.

So, Noah and I hopped on the first bus to Epcot and went on our way!
Not so good at the selfies, huh?

We learned that morning EMH hours aren't the best at EPCOT when you're there with someone under 40."  

But, we had an hour all to ourselves.  We had a peaceful morning, had a snack, met some characters, purchased a light-up Agent P hat (well, 2 - the first one didn't light up, so we took it back and they replaced it!), and learned about hydroponic vegetables.
I wish I could spell EPCOT in my produce!
After Z woke up from his early morning nap and had a calm breakfast, Adam and he hopped on the next bus and met us in Future World.

The next morning, we were able to do a trade off - Noah and Adam went to DHS and Z and I met them when we were ready instead of rushing out with a cranky/sick baby.

If there was ever an extra perk of staying on property, this is definitely one of them!

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