Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disney Must Dos - Top 5 for All Ages

For all ages and for all interests, in my opinion, there are a few major attractions that make a Disney vacation complete.  One in particular struck me as so iconic and so filled with memories that, no matter what, I have to ride it at least once.  Even on day trips, it's a must.

  1. The Monorail  - Maybe you don't consider this an attraction, but of course it is.  This was Walt's vision for the future and, though it didn't take off and according to the man behind the monorail and so many other great Disney attractions, Bob Gurr, the monorail is "a stupid invention" which could be one of the reasons it didn't take off nationally.   But, aside from the "stupidity," I love watching it, waiting for it, and boarding it and waiting to hear "por favor manteganse.."
  2. The Wedway Peoplemover (TTC) - Another one of Bob Gurr's masterpieces - this attraction allows for everyone from baby to elderly a wonderful experience around Tomorrowland
  3. The Haunted Mansion - Though the theme park attraction was mainly designed by Disney Legends Marc Davis and Claude Coats, the "doom buggies" were named by Bob Gurr (are you sensing a theme?)!  Anyways- a trip never feels complete without meeting our ghost host and Madame Leota!
  4. Snacks!  Whether your favorite may be  popcorn, a Mickey-shaped soft pretzel, Mickey bar, Dole Whip, or Mickey Caramel Apple, as the Disney Food Blog says - Food is an attraction!  I'm all about bringing in treats or eating in the room on occasion to save money/eat healthy, but I must splurge a few times!!
  5. Admire Cinderella Castle - It's hard not to, don't you think?  The 190 foot castle is remarkably beautiful - an international icon.  To me, a Walt Disney World Vacation reaches another level of amazing the first time I walk down Main Street, U.S.A. and see the castle.  I love to meander down Main Street, U.S.A. and socialize with the Characters of Main Street.  But, if that's not your thing, I still imagine it impossible to leave without taking a few breaths to appreciate, snap a few pics, and simply admire the beauty that is Cinderella Castle.


  1. We have the Skytrain as part of our transit system in Vancouver, whenever I ride it I expect to hear the monorail message. Alas, the Skytrain never takes me to where I really want to go. I do miss being able to ride up front with the driver of the monorail, that was so cool.

    I love the People Mover. A must ride at least once or twice.

    I totally love the Haunted Mansion, I like riding it by myself so I can lean a bit out either side to check out everything.

    Mickey Premium. Dark chocolate salted caramel. English Toffee. Snacks!

    Always stop and take photos of Cinderella Castle, in the morning, in the evening . . .

    My newest must do is Turtle Talk with Crush - I adore that show.

  2. That’s a great list - and those desserts are right up my alley, too! Yum!

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