Thursday, June 20, 2013

Don't Over Heat at Walt Disney World

Summer is always a brutal time to visit Orlando.  School is out, which leads to higher crowds and more waiting, but also higher temperatures.  With lows averaging in the mid-70's and the high's in the upper 80's- low 90's starting in early June and continuing all summer long, it's important to take the heat seriously and be prepared!  Here are my top 10 tips for visiting the Parks with little (and big) ones!


  1. Stay hydrated!  It's best to avoid caffeinated beverages, or at least don't over do it!  While they don't necessarily dehydrate you, your best bet for hydration is...
  2. Water!  Bring your own water, but even easier?  Ask the counter service restaurants for free cups of ice water.  
  3. Even the little ones get thirsty.  Wonder why they're extra lethargic or crankier than usual?  Maybe your little one is thirsty!  I'm not sure what too young is to drink water - obviously, it's a personal choice of when to start water.  My doctor told me around 4 months "if you're thirsty, so is your little one.  Give him water."  So, that may be an option after all.  Or, find those mesh teething bags and put an ice cube in one for your little one.  Or simply nurse/give bottle more than normal!
  4. Bring portable fans/misters! Fans are amazing in the heat.  We stock up at the dollar stores on the small handheld fans and mister fans.  Or, splurge on the Disney mister fan as a souvenir!  Fill up the mister section with your free ice water.  
  5. Take breaks.  If you're in Florida in the heat with little ones, afternoon breaks at the resort or pool will be well worth the time.  We like midday naps and baths/pool time for all of us to relax and cool down.  Plus, we often avoided the mid-afternoon Florida thunderstorms this way!
  6. Start early!  Especially Animal Kingdom.  There is a reason they say "Animal Kingdom Hot."  It's literally a jungle in there and it gets incredibly humid.  We love DAK and wouldn't suggest skipping it, but it's hard to be there for a full day when it's hot outside!  Plus, the mornings are the coolest time of day and the least crowded!
  7. Water play!  There are water play areas in all of the parks - misting Tiki statues by the Jungle Cruise, splash pads in EPCOT, etc.  Take advantage of these!
  8. Sunscreen - Enough said.  Broad Spectrum - UVA/UVB to prevent sunburns AND skin cancer.  Reapply often!
  9. Wear cool clothes!  We usually have the baby in mesh sleeveless outfits in the heat.  May not be the cutest, but definitely the most practical!
  10. Find the Air Conditioning! 
    1. Epcot - In Futureworld, the Pavilions are large, air conditioned, and have a lot to see and do.
      1. The Living Seas has a ride, Turtle Talk, and a huge aquarium to spend plenty of time.
      2. Innoventions East and West have different attractions and places to play
      3. The World Showcase Pavilions have shops and restaurants to meander and get out of the sun as well  
    2. In the Magic Kingdom, check out the long shows such as - 
      1. Carousel of Progress
      2. Hall of Presidents
      3. Mickey's Philharmagic  
      4. Country Bear Jamboree
    3. Hollywood Studios is filled with shows and air conditioned spaces! 
    4. Animal Kingdom..  well, as I mentioned, go early!  Find the splash areas to cool off!
Fountains in EPCOT are one area to get wet, but there are also full splash pads!

Near the exit of Kali River Rapids is a GREAT place for little ones to cool off!

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