Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hidden Mickeys - A Field Guide Review

Steven Barrett ( is at it again - with the addition of New Fantasyland, Steven and Intrepid Traveler have published his 6th edition of this fantastic Field Guide slightly earlier than originally planned.

Mr. Barrett's guide leads visitors to over 1,200 Hidden Mickey's all around the Disney parks.  He spends trips researching, exploring, and taking tips for tourists (which he checks out before going into the book) to compile this amazing guide.

After 10 years of research, you can bet that there are hundreds of Mickeys you've never noticed, and in this book, they are described in Scavenger Hunts, giving you directions on how to tour the park and where to look while you're touring.  I absolutely love these guides and was thrilled when I was asked to review this new edition!

When I purchased my 4th edition just 3 years ago, there were only 800 hidden mickeys, so the research team has been going strong since then!

I really love these guides - not only is it a touring plan and scavenger hunt, each mickey is worth a variable amount of points.  Each section has a map of the parks:

As the Mickey's are in the book based on location, having this easy go-to map makes it much more simple to find what you're looking for!

These books are a must for Disney fans (there is a Disneyland version, too!).  And, though I'm difficult with my Windows phone, if you're an iphone user, there is an iphone app to help you along in the parks, too!

The only thing that boggled my mind was a few missing mickeys!  I just had to submit this one to Mr. Barrett for the 7th edition!
From Peter Pan
These books are everywhere - you can order them on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or straight from the publisher, Intrepid Traveler.  And, if you forget to order before you go, you can find them at many gift shops AT the parks!

Now, the best part - I was given a copy to giveaway to a reader!!! You know what want one! 
Hidden Mickey's 6th edition

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