Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More ‘Pregnant at Disney’ insights

By: Rebecca Farrell (Follow me on Twitter @RMZFarrell)

Over the last several weeks, I’ve blogged about how to stay well at Disney and gave my personal (albeit general) advice on visiting the parks when pregnant.  Following are deeper thoughts on how to be nice to your pregnant self when visiting Disney.

Shop, Don’t Drop

As a first time Mom, it was difficult for me to ignore the siren song of the inviting shopping temptations for infants. I will say that the selection for baby boys is pretty seriously lacking (what gives, Disney?) and I only left the parks with ears for my little guy. My desire to “buy buy buy” was also curtailed by our upcoming move – I knew if I bought it, I’d have to put it in a box and get it to Atlanta.

Another reason I mention shopping is that it’s a great way to get out of the hot Central Florida weather and into the air conditioned stores. There’s not usually anywhere to sit, mind you, but it’s nice to browse at your leisure while others in your group go off to Mission Space (Mouse Gears is close by). 

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Relaxation

We already knew we’d be taking it easy on this trip, and on our first break day we treated ourselves to massages at Senses - A Disney Spa at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. We knew this would be a relatively expensive undertaking, but trust me when I tell you it was worth every penny!

The newly renovated spa is located between the Wedding Pavilion and the Grand Floridian’s beach pool, almost directly under the Monorail. You can reach the spa by walking along the path that connects the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian or using the Monorail or Disney Parks bus system if coming from elsewhere on the property.

After a fun – and filling – late breakfast with Mickey and friends at Ohana, my husband and I walked along the footpath from the Polynesian to reach the spa. We took our time so that our meal could digest, taking in the sights and sounds along the way. The landscaping is really something to see, and there are great views of the Seven Seas Lagoon here as well.

When you arrive at the spa and check in, you’re escorted by a host (or hostess) through a maze of hallways to the men’s or ladies’ locker room where you change into a robe and slippers. You can then relax in the lounge area of the locker room. Trust me when I tell you that you won’t want to leave that chair! So comfy!

My first appointment was a quick polish change for my toes, which I had managed to ruin just two days into our trip by following my own advice to tape up my toes to avoid blisters while walking in the parks. I wasn't too thrilled with the lack of color selection, but my technician was lovely and I had a nice chat with another (pregnant!) woman who was getting a pedicure in an adjoining chair.

After my polish change, my technician returned me to the relaxation room where I waited for my massage therapist. Frankly, I didn’t want to get out of that lounge chair – it was heaven! I was booked for a 50-minute prenatal massage. The massage was wonderfully relaxing and I felt quite refreshed (and hungry!) afterwards.

 Note: As with most spas, women can only get a prenatal massage at Senses in the second on third trimester. Be sure to adhere to these restrictions, they’re for everyone’s protection and safety

Have any of you ever visited Disney World while pregnant? Would love to hear your advice on how expectant mommies can relax and enjoy their trip!

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