Monday, August 19, 2013

A Relaxing Day at Walt Disney World

It's hard for me to think it's even possible to have a relaxing day at Walt Disney World.  I am go-go-go.

In fact, my husband still tells people that his feet were bleeding after our first day in the parks.

I mean, we were tired after 12 hours in the MK, but not bleeding...

Relaxing at Walt Disney World

Say you want to take a day off from the parks - split up a 4 or 5 day ticket with a day "off."  What else can we do?

  • Spend the day at the pool/playground
    • Disney makes sure to have fantastically themed pools.  Most resorts even have multiple pools - usually one "loud" pool and other "quieter" pools.  Most also have pool bars.  Enjoy!
    • Many pools have playgrounds located nearby.  Let the kids wear themselves out playing in and out of the water
  • Resort Hop
    • Head over to the Monorail Loop and visit the Contemporary, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian Resorts all in one easy trip!
    • Head to Disney's Boardwalk to visit the Boardwalk/Boardwalk Inn, and Beach and Yacht Club Resorts!
  • Visit Downtown Disney 
    • Plan to spend a few hours - don't try to make this a full day (We've tried this.  Doesn't work unless you are planning to go to a movie, bowling, etc...)
    • Have a meal, shop for souvenirs, take a boat ride - there are plenty of free entertaining things to do!
  • Have a "special meal"
    • Consider saving your character meal until your day off - no rush, no worry about specific times, just a *hopefully* enjoyable experience!
    • Visit a "Signature" resort restaurant, or try a new restaurant you might have never considered - Sanaa and Jiko are a personally favorites!
Traveling with little ones prohibits me from adding "spa day" but, without those kids, head to the spa, go for a round of golf/mini golf, and maybe do a resort pub crawl!  The options are endless!


  1. We had a day of forced down time on our recent trip because of bad we sat in the lobby at the Poly and just read our books. Then later in the afternoon, we sat in the lobby of the Grand Floridian and did the same, enjoying the wonderful live entertainment there as well. It certainly could have been worse, lemme tell ya :)

  2. Our down day was one of our favorite days. We went with family and they had planned out every minute of every day, except for one day where we could do whatever we wanted. We slept in and decided spur of the moment to go to Magic Kingdom. We spent all day there, but didn't do much. We went on a few rides, saw the parade and did a little shopping, but it was so low key we loved it. Next time I hope our whole vacation can be that way. Thanks for the suggestions of other things to do also.