Friday, August 30, 2013

Dream to Cruise Disney

I've recently been doing a lot of research (i.e. training) about different cruise lines and cruise ships.  Like pretty much everything Disney does, they are amazing at selling their product.  That is why, even in a bad economy, their stocks rise consistently even while most other products flop.

The only cruise I have ever been on was a Royal Caribbean ship - the Navigator of the Seas.

An absolutely beautiful ship.  Inside and out - and we had an amazing balcony room - look how many there are!  It felt luxurious and decadent.  And, I was so seasick that I didn't want to do another cruise for a long time. 

But, now I've moved on.  And, Royal Caribbean has so many ships to choose from.  I've been amazed learning about their ships and all that they have to offer on board.  Lot of fantastic restaurants, ziplining, a carousel, Broadway shows (not just Broadway Quality... they've had Chicago, Fosse, etc...

They have become moving cities - the newest ships carry over 5000 guests.  It's insane/amazing

But, for me?  Disney Cruise Line intrigues me the most.  

With Disney-style stage shows created for the cruise ships, incredible restaurants, and Disney quality service, I want to go on a Disney Cruise ship more than any other.

Is a Disney Cruise Affordable?

Yes, they cost more up front than a Disney vacation.
But - basically everything is included and paid for up front.  Even with a Disney Dining Plan, you are likely to buy a drink or small snack somewhere.  On a Disney Cruise ship, you can eat for free 24 hours a day (and have free in-room service most of the day - there are surcharges if you order room service between midnight and 5 a.m.).

It is possible to get great deals on Disney Cruise Line voyages

Disney cruises start at $125 per person per day.  Remember - that is like your park ticket and your food and any extra entertainment all rolled up in to one.

Plus, there are occasionally last minute deals - especially for Florida Residents and Military.  Last minute travel for Disney Parks is rarely as affordable as last minute cruises!

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Not convinced?

My friend Tami, from Colorado Mountain Mom hosted a friend's review of a Mediterranean Disney Cruise - it is basically my dream cruise, Pompeii and all! 

What Sets Disney Apart?

Like everything else that Disney does, they strive to be the best - best quality food, service, entertainment, rooms -
even interior rooms have "virtual" portholes so you can see outside the ship to avoid possible claustrophobia!

Another amazing fact?  Fireworks at Sea!

And, on Disney's own Private Island, Castaway Cay, there is a 5k every day!  That sounds like amazing fun to me (my husband might disagree!)

Interested in learning more?

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