Thursday, August 15, 2013

Free Help - Perks of Using a Travel Agent

It may seem crazy, but as much as I love planning my own Disney trip, I use a travel agent to help book and plan my trip!

Why?  I can pick up the phone to call Disney myself or even book online - which I do for my Advanced Dining Reservations, but booking a room?  I'll leave that to the professionals!

The first time I used a Travel Agent, I found one on a major Disney website.   But, sadly, I got very little help.  I asked for prices of different moderate resorts and only received pricing for one.  When I asked for a room for my husband and me at a deluxe, we ended up with 2 queen beds.  Even though it was specifically mentioned that it was a romantic trip, we weren't given the option of a king bed.

Since my first experience with that not-so-good travel agency, I've had contact and used a few other fantastic agents - and reading their status updates and realized that I want to be a Travel Agent.

Why Use a Disney Travel Agent?

A travel agent - like the ones I've been working with (and training to become) is a free resource for a traveler.  There is a good amount of training to do plus I know a lot of people doing their "research" - learning about the different resorts so you don't have to!

Curious about the different resorts? Read my beginners guide here.

A travel agent will be the one booking your room(s), figuring out the different pricings between resorts, views, and all of the options.  They can make sure your tickets and dining are attached to your reservation, find the best deals for you, and if you book before the discounts are announced, the travel agent - not you will have the discounts applied as soon as possible to help you save money (if possible - discounts are never guaranteed!).  

Other Perks of Using a Travel Agent:

Okay, these perks can't be guaranteed - but often times, you will find that a travel agent has a special promotion going on - maybe a gift card related to the amount total of your vacation package, maybe on board credit if you're going on a cruise, or maybe even an extra day in the parks (now thru the end of the month thru Guru Travel!)

Plus, travel agents can keep you up to date on attraction closures, park hours, book your dining reservations, and so much more!

How is a Travel Agent Paid?

Like I said - the best Disney Travel Agents are free to the client.  They (soon to be we... weeee!) are paid on commision by Disney - not by you.  The prices are exactly the same prices you can find online or by calling but you don't have to sit on hold.  Plus, you have someone to ask questions to and make sure everything is perfect for your magical trip! 

Why am I training to be a Travel Agent?

I find myself constantly talking Disney.  Aside from blogging and everything that goes along with it, people are constantly asking where to stay, where to eat - I have been planning trips other than my own for years.  I is FUN for me!  So, I'm still training and not ready to start helping you, but soon enough I'll be available to book!  I'm excited - hope you'll remember me when you start planning your next trip!
And, did I mention this service is free?

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