Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2013 "Minnie Walk" Event Recap

The 2013 “Minnie Walk” on Thursday, September 12, continued a decades long tradition at CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange. Disney star Minnie Mouse, assisted by Disney VoluntEARS, led a group of young patients on a special parade through the second floor of the hospital’s new Bill Holmes Tower, which includes an inviting lobby space sponsored by Disneyland Resort.  This walk is inside the hospital, as many of these young patients can't leave the hospital to walk at Disneyland.

Featuring the participation of over 200 kids, Minnie and her entourage of young admirers were cheered on by CHOC staff and sponsors of the CHOC “Walk in the Park” event, presented by Disneyland Resort. In the hospital’s on-going efforts to help kids be kids the event offered the children who are inpatient and unable to walk in the upcoming CHOC “Walk in the Park” event (Oct. 13 at Disneyland Resort) the opportunity to walk in their very own “Minnie Walk.”

The Minnie Walk brings the magic of the CHOC Walk, held inside and before the parks open at Disneyland Resort, to the patients at CHOC—many of whom directly benefit from the monies raised at the CHOC “Walk in the Park” each year since its launch 23 years ago (1990). To date the event has raised $21 million and attracts over 15,000 walkers each year. It is CHOC Children’s biggest fundraiser of the year and is the largest and most unique pediatric fundraiser in the United States.

“Last year, we had 800 teams, and over 15,000 participants who raised $2 million dollars for CHOC “Walt in the Park” event, presented by Disneyland Resort, it’s the largest pediatric walk in the Nation. People come in from all over the world to be a part of this experience because of what it means to the children.”
Graig Eastin, Vice President CHOC Children’s Foundation 

Want to join in on the official Choc Walk at Disneyland??  Head over to their official website now!

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