Friday, September 20, 2013

Adult Only Disney

I absolutely love visiting Walt Disney World with my two little boys.  Watching babies/toddlers/little guys experience the magic is absolutely amazing.  But, there are definitely thinks that I can't do with them in tow.  Even with the occasional night out, these experiences probably won't happen until I do an adult-only trip... maybe a trip for "work."

  1. Behind the Scenes Tours
    • From tours to the resorts, through the Land Pavilion (Behind the Seeds), a tour of the Steam Trains, and Keys to the Kingdom - there are tours for almost everyone.  The big ones that I really want to do are not recommended for preschoolers.  In fact, some have an minimum age requirement!
  2. Visit All Four Parks in One Day
    • Talk about a no-brainer.  This is obviously possible with little ones, but definitely not recommended!  
  3. Drink Around the World
    • This is an obvious one... but, it's not a probable one with my family trips!  We don't often drink, so this would definitely have to be with other friends... again, maybe on a "work" trip!
  4. Enjoy a Spa Day!
    • I love the idea of a spa day - I don't even make time for myself to have these at home (even though I have a gift card burning a whole in my wallet).  With all of the world class spas at Disney Resorts (Senses), I would love to mix two of my favorite things!
  5. Meander
    • Okay, this may seem silly - but there is a limited amount of time I can spend chatting with the Characters of Main Street before the boys get antsy.
    • I love all of my photos of the Windows of Main Street, but even those are taken quickly and in passing!
  6. Animation Academy
    • Hollywood Studios has a free academy in which a true artist teaches you how to draw a character!  I see this being possible a few years down the road, but with a 1 and 3 year old, it's not on the schedule for our upcoming trips!
Again, I absolutely love visiting with my children and don't recommend waiting "until they can remember" - again, they are FREE UNDER 3!!  I love to fully take advantage of that deal!
No one likes Small World like little ones!!


  1. I have done a lot of tours - they are so fun.
    I have made it to 3 parks in one day, fun but 2 parks is plenty.
    I don't drink alcohol - so the whole drinking around the world thing, yuck.
    Spa day, not for me.
    Meandering is awesome, something I really enjoy doing, right up there with finding a bench to sit on a watch the world walk by.
    The Animation Academy - pretty cool that they can get me, a non-artist to draw a recognizable version of a character!

  2. I was born and raised in South Africa. As a child, I was extremely fortunate to have parents who flew me and my brothers to the other side of the planet to go to Disney World. Twice! The first time I was 6 and then again when I was 9. Back then I didn't fully appreciate how fortunate I was. I thought all kids got taken to Disney World by their parents.
    Now I'm 28, married, without kids and have a trip booked to Disney/Universal next month!
    I'm so super excited and I know I'll probably enjoy it more now than when I was a kid. My husband, 33, has never been before and I'm so excited for him to experience it for the first time.
    Oh, and my parents (57 and 59) are coming too and they're also really excited!
    We're all gonna be kids again!

  3. That sounds absolutely wonderful!! I hope you have a great trip!