Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Review: Daughter of Oreveille

A few weeks back, fellow Magical Blogorail member, Tricia Ballad, announced to us that her first novel had finally been published.  I jumped on the chance to read it and even got to interview Tricia about her exciting journey - and the journey she leads us all on in Daughter of Oreveille.

You may know Tricia from Return to Disney or her own website, TriciaBallad.com.  Either way - Tricia is a go-getter and definitely got my attention in her new book!  I read the whole thing in 2 days!

AND it is a FREE Kindle download in the Amazon Prime Lending Library (if you have a Kindle and Amazon Prime) or only $3.99 if you're like me and read kindle books on a phone/non-Kindle device.  It should be out in paperback soon, but for now, purchase it thru Amazon or TriciaBallad.com.

For a quick overview - The Daughter of Oreveille is about a Fae (Fairy) who falls in love with a half-human half-fae and defies the laws of her mother (think evil-queen) and follows her heart.  It is a great story that will engage you immediately!  To learn more about Tricia, the book, and future books, check out the interview we did!  For sample chapters of Daughter, click here.

*This was the first ever interview of this type I've done - so please, no need to hate!!*

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  1. Thanks for hanging out - I had a blast!