Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On or Off Property - The Disney Difference

I have to say-  it is sometimes difficult to put into words why I prefer to stay on Disney property.  I have to admit, I don't always stay on site.  I prefer stay on property, but logistics don't always line up and affording that amazing two bedroom villa at Old Key West might not always be possible.  Though, I sure hope it is!

The Disney Difference

When you walk into a Walt Disney World Resort hotel - heck, when you arrive at a WDW hotel, you are transported from reality into whatever resort you choose.  Whether it be the craziness of Pop Century or the African Safari of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, the resorts transport you into a different world.
I'm in Radiator Springs and I don't want to think otherwise

A non-Disney themed resort may be great.  Or very possibly less expensive.  But, most likely, that same hotel could be in Orlando, Dallas, or Pittsburgh.  It's less special.

And for me, that feeling of special is part of the Magic of a WDW vacation.  I want to feel like I am somewhere special - not just a decent hotel down the road.

Don't believe me?  Spend a day checking out the different resorts - not only are there all different styles, prices, and feels, but you'll feel like you've done much more traveling than you really have!

What do you think about the Disney Resort Difference?  Is it worth it?


  1. Having stayed on property or off. I prefer on! I don't like to rent a car or deal with transporting myself so on property works great. I have toured a lot of the hotels (I stay at Pop Century) and I love the feeling of all of them.

    I did stay a few times at hotels on Hotel Plaza Boulevard, across from Downtown Disney. Yes, it is cheaper but it was missing that certain Disney flair.

    With the prices of the Value resorts climbing, I do think about off-property but always end up going Disney.

  2. Yeah, the prices are constantly going up, but my guess is that the off property places go up a little, too - why not, they can!

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