Friday, October 25, 2013

Disney on Ice!

The other night, I got to take my almost-4-year-old son and his 'best friend' from school (and his mom) to see Disney on Ice - Let's Celebrate! when it came through town!

Thanks to a crazy amount of traffic, and fighting two almost 4-year-olds to actually eat their dinner, we made it to the show a few minutes late (75 minute for a 20 mile drive!  Eek!).  So, while we missed the first few minutes, we walked into our great side-line seats to see a ton of different characters skating about!

Let's Celebrate! is all about celebrating many different events - birthdays, holidays, summer vacation - always a reason!  We started celebrating birthdays:

My favorite part came early - Mickey had to clean up after the birthday party and he tried to get some help...

You can probably guess that it didn't turn out as planned..

A beautifully choreographed scene with skating brooms, brooms from the ceiling, and Sorcerer Mickey trying to gain control!  All while playing the Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas (the piece used in Fantasia)

Halloween came next, the Halloween party hosted by Jack Skellington - and many of his villainous friends stopped by...
sword fighting with Captain Hook

The boys enjoyed the show, though during the Halloween section, they covered their ears - shows do get very loud - and were both a bit scared of the bad guys!

And, then came the Princesses.  

Some of the versions of the music were "updated" - I'll say the song from Cinderella, "So, This is Love" was interesting, to say the least, but overall - it truly was a great show!

They celebrated so much more - it was a nearly 2 hour show (including an intermission - time to go buy toys/food/souvenir cups.... which I left under my seat... sad!)

Overall, this show gave us a great little Disney fix - and a great excuse to hang out with friends and stay up late!  The kids really enjoyed it - my early bird was done long before it was over, but it didn't really cause a problem until we got home (3 hour past bedtime!! eek!).

All in all, I absolutely hope to get to see more live Disney events in my area!  Next time we'll be early enough to get to the meet and greet I noticed during intermission!  A great opportunity for the family who hasn't been able to get to one of the Disney Parks to meet Mickey, OR see how the kids do before traveling to Florida to realize that the kids are terrified of characters!!

Oh - and if you're like me and worried about being cold, wear layers!! I was actually warm and took off my coat AND sweater (I had a Mickey Mouse t-shirt on!) - maybe if we were right on the ice it would be colder, but about 15-20 rows up, it was comfortable!!

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  1. How fun and what good photos. I went to seen Disney on Ice about 7 years ago, it must be time to go again!