Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Link Your Reservations!

Disney is working VERY hard to have a more interactive experience: before, during, and after your vacation.

One key part of the plan is:

My Disney Experience

All in one place, you can count down to your vacation, have your resort reservation, dining reservations, and follow along with friends and family traveling with you!

I love when I'm traveling with friends and we can link our dining reservations - that way their on their profile, but I have the reservation number in my data as well!

With an email invitation, you can link to anyone who may be in your traveling party - it's just that simple!  All reservations in one place!

Plus, it's FUN.

Use the App -

Okay, I have a Windows Phone so, sadly, this doesn't apply to me. BUT iphone and android users can download the MOBILE app and have all of your reservations in one place.  I recently customized my Magic Bands (I chose yellow - fun to customize with Mickey stuff!) but you can do a lot more!

While on the website, you can continue planning - coming up with new ideas!  One of my absolute favorite parts of a Disney trip is planning - and since I'm always planning a trip, this is extra fun for me!

Of course, if you're not as interested in planning all the details, you could let me do it for you!!  Request a quote from me at The WDW Guru


  1. Yum, Kouzzina anytime and for anything!! Great post!

  2. I just loved tinkering with My Disney Experience prior and during this fall's trip. Like you Jenn, I have great faith that it will just keep getting better and smoother to use. :D

  3. I look forward to getting to plan a Disney trip with My Disney Experience. However, I'm not so sold on the idea of planning fast pass times. Seems to take the fun and spontaneity out of the trip!