Friday, November 1, 2013

Cruise or Parks - What to Do

With the amazing Land and Sea offer that Disney is currently offering (approximately $790 per person for a 3 day cruise on the newly re-imagined Disney Magic and a 3 day park stay including ticket and value resort), I've had the chance to really compare some of these packages.

In my house, we watch both the Cruise Line and Parks planning dvds regularly - and if the dvds aren't in, we're on You Tube looking for clips - my oldest is obsessed with the horns, and for good reason!

But, is a cruise for everyone?  Or, is a park trip for everyone?

Well, my personal stance is that a cruise is better for older children.  Yes, yes, I know - this whole blog is dedicated to the idea that even the smallest of children are worth taking a trip (or not missing out on one!).  So why is a cruise different?  Because starting at 6 months of age (the minimum age for cruising), babies are not free!  

Now, that price may not be much - I just did a quote for a cruise and price breakdown for a 4 Day Cruise to the Bahamas looked like this:
  •  Adults: $620 (x2) = $1240
  • 9 year old $428     = $428
  • 6 month old $216   = $216 not as much, but still not free!

Adding in taxes, and fees, and the total is $2,099, you've got room, food (24 hour room service!), entertainment, all for one price! 

Now, for the same family at the parks - 4 nights at Disney's All Star Music, 5 day park hoppers, AND the quick service dining plan, the total is only $1939.99

All in all, the prices are incredibly comparable!  I was shocked to see that a Disney Cruise, depending on ages of the children, cruise length, sail dates, could actually cost less than a trip to WDW done on a serious budget!

And remember - there are FREQUENTLY amazing discounts available, so if you're curious, feel free to ask!  I would love to help you plan a Disney vacation, no matter your preferred destination!  

Email me for a quote today!

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