Friday, November 15, 2013

The Final Countdown

With a week to go until our big road trip, I feel like I'm way behind and yet still constantly thinking about our trip!

What to do with an 18 month old an *almost* 4 year old for 12+ hours of driving?

I've been scouring Pinterest and Amazon looking for new books, ideas, etc...

One great one:  A Road Trip Binder.  Imagine it - a map of the country with the route drawn on, alphabet exercises, counting exercises, etc...  Keeps the 4 year old working, learning, and hopefully entertained.  I found a ton of amazing printables on this blog!

A Kids Atlas or travel book like this one I found on Amazon:
Picture from
I ordered a few different books and I'll review when we're back!

Movies - yeah, yeah.  When all else fails, throw in a DVD player.  Luckily, our car has one built in, but if not, there are inexpensive ones at Target to strap to the seat for the kids!

Snacks - When all else fails, have a snack!  I'm planning to pack several things:

  • fresh fruit and veggies (baby carrots, celery, peppers, sliced apples, oranges)
  • Go Go Squeeze - nothing is easier than pouches of apple sauce... except...
  • Yummi Pouch - pre-made smoothies/fruit juices
  • Pretzels/Goldfish/cheerios
  • Water bottles
Take Breaks - we'll be taking potty breaks every 2-3 hours and stopping halfway for the night.. hopefully a non-fast food dinner and early night so we're refreshed before part 2- which leads us straight to the gate!


  1. You are very brave to take little children on a long road trip. Good luck to you! The longest we have ever done was a 7 hour trip with a two (almost three) year old. That was enough to cure me for a little while. Hope you all have fun and smooth travels.

  2. I know you will all do great! After all you are heading to the best place to play. The only long car trips I have been on were family vacations driving across Canada - 4 days of driving, 5 kids in the car, I don't recommend it. Recently a 10 hour drive to attend a funeral, again, not fun. Driving to Disneyworld, fun! Hope there is lots of napping and few meltdowns.