Friday, December 13, 2013

Foodie Friday - Boma

One of my favorite parts of my Walt Disney World vacations is trying new restaurants - and this time was no different.  We ate at 2 new counter service locations in our 4 days in Orlando!  And, I'm starting with the one that quickly moved to the top of my favorite dining locations.


Located at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, this was the third and final sit down restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge/Kidani Village Trifecta (Both Sanaa and Jiko are incredible restaurants).

We arrived at the Animal Kingdom Lodge about an hour before our reservation.  After two days of driving, I knew it was a perfect place to get into the Disney spirit and blow off some steam!  I remember seeing the playground near the pool area when we dined at Jiko, so we headed out there after a quick peek at the animals.

We all played for a little while until dinner time (or a little before our dinner time - I was famished!).  We checked in and waited only a few minutes, as we had a very early dinner ADR (4:45).

We were seated and our waitress pointed out the different stations, as Boma is a buffet.  It's a very open (loud) restaurant, but it didn't bother me - I really liked the open feeling!  There are several stations:
  • Meats
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Kids
  • Dessert
I was obsessed with the Carrot/Ginger soup.  Sounds healthy and it was delicious.  Of course, I  looked up the recipe and it's filled with cream.  But anyways, it is delicious.  As were many of the salads - there were more vegan/vegetarian options than I had ever seen and I tried so many, I can't even list them all!   My husband devoured the meats and my boys went to town on the mac 'n cheese.

Shame on me - but I couldn't stop eating the food to take pictures... and then the little men didn't last long enough for me to walk around and get pictures of the delicious food and desserts.

The dessert that is most well known is the Zebra Dome and while I'll say it really was delicious, my personal favorite was the Kenyan Coffee Tart.  Holy cow - I had 2. Maybe 3.

For someone who actually knows how to take food picture and give specific details, I will give you AJ of the Disney Food Blog.  I mean, of course she knows what she's doing - she runs/owns/is the Disney Food Blog.

I absolutely recommend Boma and, while my husband prefers Sanaa, I think I would rather go back here!  Looks like we'll have to stay there and eat at both!  Have you tried any of the Animal Kingdom Resort area restaurants?  Which is your favorite?


  1. Deb @ Focused on the MagicDecember 13, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    We love Boma and whenever we are staying at AKL make sure I make an ADR. It's just too hard to get to for us otherwise since we don't rent a car. The zebra domes are the best!

  2. I love Boma as well. It is a great buffet if you have food allergies, so many choices, it is easy to get a good, filling meal. They even make gluten-free zebra domes. If the Animal Kingdom is closing at 6, I make a 5:30 reservation and leave before the crowds, get the the Animal Kingdom quickly and it is dinner time!