Thursday, December 5, 2013

Magic Bands Success

Going into this vacation, I was incredibly hesitant of the Magic Band and resistant to Fast Pass+.  

Magic Bands are replacing the Keys to the World Card - using RFID, these bands contain your room key, park ticket, credit card info, dining plan, fast pass+, etc...  They are for everything!

We had them ready in the car when driving up to the gate at the Art of Animation, which was important because the guard at the gate asked us for them, scanned them to let the desk know we were coming, and gave us a quick briefing on them.

Whether flying or driving, have your Magic Bands ready - you need them to board Magical Express and to check in at the resort!

We put our Magic Bands on and kept them on - upon check in, we received Keys to the World, but put them in our wallet 'just in case' and never looked back.  Our Magic Band successfully opened up our room,, use the new Magic Band entrance into the parks, paid for all meals (I did have to pull out my Annual Pass on occasion for the 10% discount which has yet to be worked into the Magic Band).
Wearing my Magic Band Happily on Winnie the Pooh

The trick for me was to wear my magic band on my right wrist - NOT my watch hand - because I was always carrying Z with my left arm!  Whichever arm you're not carrying people/things with is probably the better wrist!

The baby didn't need one, they he was issued one for souvenir sake.  Noah had one and wore it occasionally, but we did have to take it off and hold on to it when he tired of wearing it!

The Magic Bands have 2 size options - there is a removable grey liner that can take off extra for the little ones to wear! I honestly could have worn it on the shorter length, but left it on, which I'm glad I did!  When I added the Magic Band trinkets *shown above* it made it tighter!

I have heard of people having major problems with their bands - not linking to their tickets, rooms, etc.... but we were lucky that ours worked perfectly and I was converted into believing in Fast Pass+

Keep checking back for more Fast Pass+ tips/tricks/reviews!

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  1. We also found it to work. It changed our plans a bit but in the end we were happy.

  2. I definitely wasn't sure how I would feel -b ut really liked it!