Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Memory Maker

Remember that old thing called Photo Pass?  Well, along with everything else that seems to be changing, Disney is upgrading the name of Photo Pass+ to "Memory Maker."

Just like before, Memory Maker has Photo Pass Photographers (they're still called Photo Pass for some reason, but I expect that to change) located conveniently all around the park.  From the entrance of the Magic Kingdom and Main Street, U.S.A. to the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

No more digging in your pocket for your Photo Pass Card!

Like before, you will be given a Memory Maker card, but even easier - you can tap your Magic Band to the photographers rfid tool (just like in the past they would do with the card) and your pics are there!   Now - when you log into My Disney Experience, you'll see PhotoPass/Memory Maker near the bottom of the list instead of having to find a separate site altogether!

Purchase at least 3 days ahead of time to save!

Memory making is NOT inexpensive - the preorder cost is $149 and if you buy it once you arrive, it's $199.  But, included in that price is all ride photos - you simply find your photo/number and take it to the counter where you can buy them, or add the "ride" option for around $50.  

Don't want to pay?  Let the Photo Pass Photos borrow your camera!

I buy photopass every other trip or so - BUT, this past trip, I didn't.  I think I forgot.  Or, just couldn't decide on it, so I passed.  Luckily, my travel partners bought it ;-)  We share our pictures just as we do our fastpass+ because we're linked, so it's great.  Next time, we'll get it!  Luckily, the photo pass photographers probably have more experience with my DSLR than I do, so they took some great pictures for us!

Add Disney Magic to your Pictures

One of my favorite benefits of using Disney's Photo Service is having Disney Magic added to the pictures!  Find a photographer not using a tripod, and your odds are higher for some extra fun and magic added to your pictures!
You're never sure what you're looking at until you see the final product!
Plus, once you get home, you can edit away - add borders, signatures, stamps - lots of options! I love having the "First visit" stamp on our pictures!

Overall - we consider it a souvenir and more often than not buy the pass.  We love having ride pictures - way better than the stolen shots from our smart phones!  It is pricy, but it makes us stop and take more pictures than we would without it!  And, now with the ease of simply scanning our Magic Band, it's easier to link, organize, and get all pictures from everyone in the travel party!

Do you use Memory Maker?  I would love to hear your opinions! 


  1. I have never prepaid for Memory Maker. I have on occasion ordered a photo or two from Photo Pass once I have gotten home. The price for a couple of photos is so much lower than ordering the package. Also, Photo Pass seems to be really really good at taking pictures of me with my eyes closed . . .

  2. It's definitely hit or miss as to whether the pics come out well - in February, we had a hard time finding working photographers - several times they "weren't ready yet" or had some technical errors BUT, with the inclusion of ride photos, the value has increased for us.. I love that we can get ALL of them plus fun pics. We definitely get more group pics if we're using it, too... if we get to meet up in April, we'll make sure your eyes are open!

  3. May 6-15! Are you planning on April?

  4. No - I just need to look at a calendar. I’m thinking May 6-9. Nothing is final yet!

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  5. I think these changes will work well and I look forward to trying it out on our first visit with our son in 2014!

  6. I was so surprised with how much I liked the changes! My tip - wear the magic band on your NON baby carrying wrist - so if you carry the baby on your left hip, wear it on your right wrist or you’ll be stopped every time you go to use it!

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  7. Do you know if Memory Maker can include Half Marathon photos? I purchased it for our Wine and Dine Half Marathon trip this November.