Monday, December 23, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Welcome back for more fantastic Disney Trivia!  Thanks again to Jodi from +Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Heidi from +Heidi's Head, and +Mike Ellis for co-hosting!

Hidden Mickeys

They're everywhere, right?  In the parks, in the movies, in the resorts, often times even in our food.  But, how long has this tradition been happening?

Just last week, while watching Mary Poppins (well, the first few scenes I can get my boys to watch), I noticed something curious on Bert's drum in the first scene.

Do you see it?

Maybe I'm crazy

well, that's a whole other topic!

But, look at the similarities:

Let's take a better look:

Can you see it yet?

How about now?

Again - to avoid the crazy thoughts, I quickly turned to google to find out that I am NOT alone in seeing this Mickey!  An older website, has it listed and confirmed by several others!

Hope you've enjoyed this trivia!  Now, if you don't already have it, go buy the new edition of Mary Poppins finally out on DVD AND Blu Ray and look for Steamboat Willie as Bert is dancing around the square!


  1. Wow, I hadn't seen it before, but you are right looks like there might be something there. We love spotting Hidden Mickeys!

  2. What a great find, Jenn! Sophie, Cindy and I will be sure to watch for it the next time we watch Mary Poppins! Thanks for sharing with us!