Monday, December 23, 2013

Touring With Friends

When two groups of people vacation together, there is probably always an adjustment period.  I'm not sure it matters whether or not you've traveled together before or not, I'm sure there are always some adjustments to be made.

We have been with our parents a few times in the past few years - every time, we (I) try to make them happy.

In turn, I end up stressed, nervous, and spend more of time worrying about their vacations than enjoying my own!
Do they want to start in the morning?  Do they want to take breaks?  Do they like this kind of food?  Will they like this/that?  

It can be very stressful!

How can you avoid the stress?

  1. Share a basic itinerary in advance
    • With my in-laws, I sent them a basic itinerary with where we would be and why
    • They made their own plans based on our ADR's (who doesn't?) and a few other things 
    • With our friends on this most recent trip, we had our Magic Bands - so park days AND FastPass+ were already well under consideration!  We knew where to be and when!
  2. Be okay doing your own thing
    • With parents, I found it a bit harder to accept that we wanted to do something that they weren't thrilled with, HOWEVER - I think that their emotions would never grasp the same excitement that we do and have to accept that!
    • With our friends, we tour completely differently - we love to stroll and peruse and they like to go, go, go - THAT'S OKAY!!!
      • If you have different touring styles, pick a time and place to meet up again or, as we did afternoon, simply say "see you tomorrow" and enjoy what you enjoy!
      • Enjoy the attractions together that you enjoy and skip the ones that you don't like!
  3. Set meet up times and places
    • Especially if you are splitting up, but even starting at different times - say "We'll meet you at Peter Pan at 10:30" or wherever your FastPass+ may be!
    • Schedule meets around fastpass+ OR ADRs 
  4. Don't skip what you like for others!
    • We love EPCOT and the World Showcase.  With my in-laws, we spent an entire afternoon meandering around the Pavilions before heading to the Boardwalk for dinner.  Unfortunately, our friend this time don't like it - they prefer the "go-go-go" (and to me, miss a lot of the magic!).  However, I feel that way at Hollywood Studios whereas they love the shows.  We agree to disagree and completely do our own things AND IT'S OKAY!
    • Our friends don't mind backtracking as much as we do, so our first day, while waiting in between Splash and Big Thunder Mountain Rides, they suggested their favorite Columbia Harbor House (corner of Fantasyland and Liberty Square) while we recommended Pecos Bill (located in Frontierland with those attractions) so the first day, we dined at Pecos Bill and the second day, we split up and they headed to Columbia Harbor House while we did our own thing!
  5. Enjoy and have a great time - You're at Walt Disney World after all!!

Good luck - I hope these tips and experiences can help others while planning and worrying about making everything right!

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