Friday, January 17, 2014


Think that EPCOT isn't kid friendly?  Well, I think everyone has had that concern, which EPCOT has addressed in several different ones.  One of the most apparent are the World Showcase Kid Cot stations.  You may have heard of them, but have you ever stopped to appreciate them?

Located somewhere at every pavilion in the World Showcase, you’ll find a station waiting children of all ages.  These are basically coloring stations – but sometimes in a sensory overloaded vacation like Walt Disney World, taking 5-10 minutes to find a regular activity is nice. 

Markers of all different colors are available along with pictures of Duffy and Agent P for the children to choose from.  There are cast members at each station from the Pavilion country stamping the paddles the pictures are stamped on.  In the majority of pavilions, the cast members engage with the children to ask their names and then write their name in the native language on the back of the paddle. 
Some of the different stamps

Another option is to purchase (or make before you travel) apassport to be stamped and signed in each of the pavilions. 

They may not seem like much, but whenever we are touring the Pavilions, Noah loves to stop and take a coloring break (and he’s only one to color for a minute or two anyway).  Avoid the rain, grab a treat, enjoy your miniature permanent World’s Fair and appreciate the kid cots for the little break that they are!

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