Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Disney Side

Welcome to those of you joining me from My Dreams of Disney and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

I'm pretty sure that all Disney-people have a Disney side.  That little bit (or more) of our personalities and traits that make the non-Disney people say "seriously?" or assume that we're immature and just strange.  But, this phenomenon of Disney addiction is more common than you can imagine and Disney is helping those that aren't quite sure what their Disney Side is with their new campaign -

Show your Disney Side - the official Disney website

According to Disney, I'm:

To me - I'm a bit of everything.

I love to linger on Main Street and sing along with the Dapper Dan and Characters of Main Street, U.S.A.

But, I'm also the same person who gets stuck in the Hub singing and dancing every single time I hear Move it!  Shake it!! Celebrate it!!  That darned Miley Cyrus song is catchy...

I've never been one to wear ears or hats, though the temptation is growing, but my parks-clothing collection keeps growing for every trip.  I usually prefer the more subtle Disney touches, like the small, misplaced Mickey on the matching shirts my husband, friends, and I all got:
I have no problem making the boys go all out Mickey :)
At home, my Disney side mostly comes out in conversation - I seem to make the simplest conversations revolve around Disney - and my newest and most favorite purse, a Harvey's Seat Belt Bag from my husband - helps keep those conversations going.... and my credit card (Disney Visa)... and my runDisney stickers on my car.... and my job...  

It's subtle, right?  Okay, not so much.

So, it seems that my #DisneySide may be encroaching my every day life.  With 2 Thomas Kincaide paintings, pictures from our trips all over our house, Disney Travel Agent Collateral stealing the walls in my office, Disney specials on my DVR - Disney is everywhere. 

Disney brings my family and myself so much joy that it's no surprise it's encroaching in my daily life.  I share it constantly and always thinking about how it may grow in the future!

How do you show your Disney side?

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  1. I think we are all similar creatures, Jenn! I love the post, and yes, our Disney Sides are encroaching in all of our lives, not just when we are at the parks! Thanks for writing!

  2. I love how Disney sneaks into every part of your life. :) Love the new purse!

  3. Yay! Another "Happily-Ever-After"! (I knew our Disney Sides intersected in many ways!!)

  4. It's so fun to read about all our Disney Sides. We're all so similar, yet so unique. Love it!

  5. I love that painting! Great post! :D x

  6. Love the painting and purse Jenn. I agree with Heidi, It's great that we are all so similar in our love for Disney yet we all have a unique #DisneySide.

  7. I get it! It encroaches my life all the time too!! I love the purse and painting... I think I need those! :)

  8. I love how your #DisneySide is becoming more and more a part of your life. I feel the same thing happening to me too. Great post!

  9. "singing and dancing every single time" this line is very interesting and entertaining.
    Thanks for sharing this news

  10. I LOVE singing with Dapper Dans! And I also like to say that I am subtle, but I also have my not-so-subtle moments that I'm sure get me strange looks, but I don't care! Thanks for showing your #DisneySide!
    Rosanne @ The Disney Point

  11. I LOVE that Harvey's bag and I want it. Thank you for sharing parts of your #DisneySide.

  12. I've been eyeing that seatbelt bag myself, and I love those Thomas Kincaid prints!

  13. Me and my kids (it's definitely my fault) are crazy about Disney. After a long time of saving money, I've booked the flight and the hotel and I just can't wait to get there. It's nice to know that there are still many Disney fanatics out there, I feel a bit less crazy hihi

  14. I also dance to that silly song. Had no clue it was Miley Cyrus! Joe had no clue I also knew the dance moves until last trip. I think he was a bit taken back when I broke into them walking down main street.

  15. Deb @ Focused on the MagicJanuary 26, 2014 at 9:14 AM

    I love that seatbelt bag! I had no idea that song is a Miley Cyrus song! It always gets me movin';)

  16. Love reading about your Disney side! That painting is gorgeous!

  17. Something that brings you so much joy *should* be a part of your everyday life!