Thursday, January 9, 2014

Post Show - Test Track

For years now, Noah has been fascinated by cars.  As a toddler, he would make his way to the driver’s seat in the car and play at the steering wheel – I would have to drag him out of the car!  Our regular Target trips are kept fairly calm by the bribe of a $.97 matchbox car – add the birthday gift of a collection of 50 cars (yes, 50.  And they are ALWAYS everywhere), we have quite a car collection in our house.  He loves cars so much, he's going to see Monster Jam in just a couple of weeks!

We knew that Test Track would be a must-do for him.  Add in the Re-Imagined idea of the attraction, and interest was up for all of us! 

After spending quite some time at The Land Pavilion (Noah rode Soarin’ 3 times thanks to Fast Pass+ and rider swap), the two families headed over to Test Track with the second half of the morning’s Rider Swap pass left (they rode Test Track while we did Soarin’).

With 2 babies too small and 4 parents, I headed off with the other Dad and 2 babies on a stroll around Future World East (?).  Honestly –Test Track has never been a favorite attraction of mine and I didn’t mind missing it again.   I took advantage of the time and scenery to test more settings on my new DSLR for the attractions on that side of the park while we waited for them to ride.
Z had fun posing for pictures

After some walking, we headed through the paper Fast Pass terminals towards the ride exit – the Post Show, if you will.  I don’t remember much of what was there before the refurb and how much has changed, but I will say – it is now a little boy’s dream: a Chevrolet showroom with games!

I found my boys (4 and husband) playing with his designed car and doing a simulated race game.  I didn’t even bother to pull him away because he was having so much fun.  He left one game and found another – there were several stations and a few different options of video-type game.

Like the post-show I remember, there were a lot of Chevy’s – the sponsor of Test Track – parked all around.  The latest models of the newest and fanciest – but really, they had a Traverse (what I drive), a Leaf (electric), and several others in the middle of the showroom.  I have always been curious if people actually buy cars or products that sponsor attractions or commercial, but either way, it made for some fun pictures!
On the outskirts, they had photo stations – wave your magic bands, enter an email address, and stand by the car!  A Chevy photo booth, if you will.  We were emailed the pictures immediately and had fun taking all sorts of silly pictures around the post show.

I think this post show is an example of hidden gems at EPCOT that are easy to overlook or run through in search of another ‘attraction.’  There are many things to see and do that the kids will LOVE if you let them! 

Maybe it's a boy thing - but they LOVED playing in the cars... please note the weird random guy that was just chilling inside this car for the whole time we were in the showroom....

Do you spend the time in the post-show areas at WDW?  I'm going to be posting more about them over the next few weeks, so if you haven't before, maybe you'll give them a second glance!

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