Thursday, February 6, 2014

Magical Express

Disney's Magical Express

One of the many reasons to stay on property during a Walt Disney World vacation is Disney's Magical Express.

In a very smart move to keep guests staying on property instead of nearby resort, Walt Disney World offers this free service to all guests with resort reservations!

What is Disney's Magical Express?

Disney's Magical Express is bus transportation from the Orlando International Airport, MCO, to any resort owned and operated on the Walt Disney World resort.  Non-Disney operated resorts, such as the Swan and Dolphin, Shades of Green, and Downtown Disney resorts are not included in this free service.

If registered on time, each member of the traveling party receives luggage tags to put on checked luggage and boarding passes, which may now be stored on the Magic Bands.  If tagged correctly, luggage - and this can include strollers, car seats, and any other checked luggage with the magical yellow tag that Disney provide, will be picked up by Magical Express cast members and delivered to your resort room.  This process can take several hours for the luggage and if the flight arrives after 10 p.m., the traveler should gather their own luggage before getting on the bus.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with a valid resort reservation if eligible for Disney's Magical Express for flights arriving on the day of check in and departing upon check out.  If you check out of a Disney resort early, stay somewhere else for a night, and still hope to take Magical Express, you will not be allowed on the bus.

People may test that rule, but it is technically not legal, so I wouldn't push it!

How do I register?

Signing up for Magical Express is easy!  Send your flight info to your travel agent and have them take care of it, call it in yourself!  The details you need - every member in the travel party, airline, and flight numbers. . 

What if I didn't get luggage tags?

With our without luggage tags, you may grab your own luggage and bring it to the Magical Express counter located in the airport - there are signs, so pay attention or ask!

How do I find the Magical Express?

There are signs in the airport to help you find Disney's Magical Express Counter - it's on the first floor of the airport, but it's always good to check which side you need to be on!  Terminal B, Level 1 - trust me, it's easy to end up in Terminal A!

When you arrive at the Magical Express area, make sure to have your boarding pass or Magic Band ready to go - they will check you in and usher you towards the correct line.  You will be mixed in with multiple resorts and there is likely to be a wait of some sort.  I have never personally waited more than 10-15 minutes, but I've heard in peak season, it can get worse.  I'm usually too excited to focus on the long waits!

How do I check in to return home?

Getting home is my favorite part - the Magical Express counter at the resort takes your luggage at the resort and makes sure it is transported and checked in at the airport!  While at the Magical Express counter, you may also check in for your return flight at your resort, if you are flying on one of the following airlines:

  • AirTran Airways
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • US Airways

How do I know when I will leave?

The day before you check out, you will receive your check out pack - with an updated cost if you used room charges and also Magical Express information, telling you what time your bus will be leaving the next day.  It is 3-4 hours prior to your departure time.

This is a great service - while sometimes having a car is nice, easy, and faster - very little beats free.  Free round trip transportation from the airport to the Walt Disney World Resort can save a lot in taxi or rental car fees!  Personally, I would rather save money to spend on a great meal or an extra day in the resort than on the car!

For more info, trip planning help, and free concierge travel planning, please contact me for help!  Book now for great Disney Guru swag and more - ask about current offers!

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