Monday, February 3, 2014

Magical Moments - That You Can't Plan

Walt Disney World (and I'm sure all Disney vacations) is filled with magical experiences.  Part of the fun of planning is trying to find the fun that may be available - from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Harmony Barbershop, to dinner at the Be Our Guest Restaurant - there are magical moments everywhere.
Things you can't plan for happen all the time - when the hostess came to take us to our table at Be Our Guest, Noah was handed (or probably snatched.. he's a work in progress!) the candelabra (not burning candles!) to lead our party to our table!

Or - when we visited the EPCOT Character Spot first thing on our EPCOT morning - before we headed to Soarin' and still only had a 15 minute wait at EPCOT - we witnessed Disney Magic at it's best:

While we took a decent family photo, a woman probably in her 60s was overwhelmed by Disney Magic.  For us regular folks, we met with each character individually, even while no one else was in the room.  But, as the cast members talked to this woman, sobbing in what I hoped were tears from overwhelming joy, all of the characters came together to greet, hug, and take special pictures with her.

This was one of the most touching moments I've experienced at Disney - and, after, a cast member continue to comfort her and walked her out of the character spot to make sure she was okay.

I may never know her story, but it truly was a magical moment.  We can plan all we want, but being able to witness the magic of cast members and of Disney is one of the best gifts we can hope for!

Have you ever experienced unplanned Disney Magic?

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