Friday, February 28, 2014

United Kingdom Pavilion - Hedge Maze

Many say the World Showcase is too adult for children - but I'm here to say, once again, that they're missing on so many great opportunities for learning, fun, and adventure!

The UK Pavilion is honestly one we tend to skip over.  We don't eat fish and chips or drink guinness, so the food doesn't draw us in.  We have shopped here in the past - I still have a wonderful soccer-style jacket (though the zipper is broken) and Adam has a beatles sweatshirt from our first trip to WDW together in November of 2006.
So young.. and tired! On the ferry after a LONG day of commando park hopping!
We love spending time in the World Showcase.  Between the food, the trains, and Agent P's World Showcase Adventure, we spend hours there every trip.  And, we'll often pop in different days of our trip to appreciate all of the amazing dining available!

This time, I knew we had to find the 'secret' hedge maze.  Honestly, even back in 2006, I remember heading to the back of the Pavilion to watch the Beatles tribute band (then, British Invasion) and just sitting there watching, but before my addiction to Disney details, I missed the maze.

Not this time!

We had fun finding our way in and out, back and forth.  Of course, at 4, it's easy to cheat and sneak in between or over the hedge, but that's okay!

We enjoyed spending a little bit of time back there - I hope you will to!!

Have you ever spent time in the hedge maze?  Comment below letting me know or share your pictures and thoughts on my facebook page! 


  1. Great post, our son, who is now 9 going on 10 has to visit this maze every trip. When he was younger he and I would play in it while my wife would explore the shops. Somehow a tradition was born out of this and he has to visit each trip, even though now he can see over the hedge and sneaks through the bare spots.

  2. Next trip for sure!

  3. It looks like we won't be there in May like we had originally planned - but think of me as you're wandering around the maze!

  4. Darn. Well, one day we may cross paths!