Monday, March 10, 2014

Linking FastPass+

My Disney Experience and Fast Pass + are Walt Disney World's newest ways to make touring the parks "easier."  Instead of having to run from attraction to attraction, you now have the ability to schedule your fast pass+ ahead of time.  60 day in advance, if you have a pending WDW Resort reservation.

I've had many questions about how to link people together.  When you're traveling with a party, only 1 person in the party needs to make those reservations and they can all be shared by the party.

STEP 1: 
Log in to My Disney Experience online

Hover over the My Disney Experience logo and wait for the drop down. Then, click on "My family and friends"

Under the friends and family category, invite those who are traveling with you to link accounts.  With magic bands and MDE, Disney is hoping that every adult creates their own account.  By linking accounts, you can share itineraries and link all reservations.  

Once everyone is linked, click of "FastPass+"
You will see the following screens, 1 then 2:
**Screen Two has the step to link - when you select your party members, your fastpass+ will be shared among everyone**

Select Date, then Park and then a list of options will appear for you.  

**Note "FastPicks" where Disney will automatically select fastpasses for you.
Skip this! If you're not sure, read my article here on which FP+ to choose!**

Once you select these, you will be able to move them around in order of importance and continue on for the days of your trip.

Hope this clears stuff up!  And, if people in your party disappear for a minute or two, log out and try again.  Sometimes the site is wonky, but it shouldn't be a permanent change unless someone actually changed something!!

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