Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Favorite Disney Snack

EPCOT's World Showcase

Home to 11 Pavilions

From our very own American Pavilion serving hamburgers and hot dogs, to the China Pavilion serving fancy drinks and dumplings, there are food choices for everyone in the World Showcase.

Many people have must-have meals, favorite drinks, snacks, desserts - it's all there.

My Favorite World Showcase Snack is....

The Bavarian Pretzel

I'm drooling just thinking about it.  That might also be due to my current gluten/carb/wheat/tasty food restrictions, but doesn't that pretzel look tasty?

It is.  Someone once walked by and said "ew, those pretzels look burnt" but no.  These are not the microwavable soft pretzel you can get at Target - these are for real.  The color is a darker brown because of the ingredients, not due to overcooking.  This small kiosk, Trinken, serves beer, water, and pretzels (okay, probably soda, but I can't guarantee that).  And mustard, of course!

These pretzels can also be found at the other beer station and in the counter service restaurant, but I generally just pick up one at Trinken located across the walkway from the full pavilion!

What is your favorite EPCOT snack?


  1. I think one of my favourite snacks is creme brulee! Where else can you get creme brulee as a casual snack. And when it is the Food and Wine Festival and the France kiosk has milk chocolate creme brulee, wow.
    My standard fav snack is the Mickey Premium.

  2. Trinken *does* sell soda, and are sometimes the shortest line to find soda in. But my favorite casual snack has to be a Mickey Premium bar -- at any park. But we definitely love the food festivals (Food and Wine, or Flower and Garden), "eating our way around the world", tasting everything!