Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Customer Rules

This review for The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell is part of a Magical Blogorail sponsored campaign. Copies of the book were received free of charge for a review. Opinions are those of the reviewer and do not represent those of the author.  Your opinion may vary.

When I first heard about our awesome opportunity to review The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service by former Disney Exec, Lee Cockerell, I thought - hey, I love a good book.  Plus, maybe it would apply to my work as a travel agent.  As former Executive Vice-President of the Walt Disney World Resort, Cockerell's leadership experience extends beyond the Disney Parks.  In fact, he started in the culinary and hotel world, working for both the Marriott Corporation and Hilton Hotels.

Within a few pages, I realized that this book doesn't apply to only my customer service roles as a travel agent, but it applies to my everyday job in the military, as well as my life as a mom and wife.  Many of his tips are words of wisdom that are written so eloquently and can be applied to any situation.  One of my rule was "Rule #6" - Be an Ecologist.

In this section, he says:
"Your organization is like an ecosystem, and everything in it s interconnected, just as in the natural environment."  
" success hinged largely on three things.  One was hiring great people, the second was making sure those employees had the expertise, and the third was leaving them alone to do their jobs without looking over their shoulders or micromanaging them... eventually the system would self-regulate, just like a natural ecosystem."
These words are written perfectly and should be learned, memorized, and followed by leaders in all fields.  I can relate this to my job and hope to apply these lessons learned as I grow as a leader and manager in my job.

I honestly wish every leader I work with and anyone striving to be a leader in any workplace would read this book.  I found that it applies way beyond the limits of customer service and have already recommended it to many of my coworkers!  I truly believe that Lee Cockerell's lifetime of service and leadership make him the perfect example of how businesses should be run.  He is featured in the Executive Speaker Series at the Disney Institute and has written other books, an app, and even blogs regularly about his experiences and more! 

The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell, Former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World
This review of The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell is part of a Magical Blogorail sponsored campaign.

Former Executive Vice President of Operations at Walt Disney World Resort, Lee Cockerell, shares his 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service in his latest book  The Customer Rules. And if you want more from Lee Cockerell check out his first book Creating The Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney.

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  1. Great examples of paying attention to the details! It is so true that if you pay attention to those than things come together.

  2. It's so true how everything is interconnected like an ecosystem! I can use this rule in so many areas of my life. Great review and I love the collage about details! :)

  3. You know, in a lot of things in life, it absolutely does come down to how you take care of the details that makes a project a success or failure. Thanks for the great review, Jenn, and for expanding my thoughts beyond how this can help me in my TA and full time jobs, but also how it can help me in my life as well!

  4. You make a great point - the details make or break customer experience. They may not consciously notice it if something is out of place, but they'll walk away feeling like your business wasn't quite professional. The details matter!