Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Toddler Wearing

I have 2 boys - 2 completely different boys.  They are opposite in so many ways - my older looks like his dad, the younger looks like me.  The older loves fruit and veggies, the younger will devour a good steak.  The older started walking/running at 11 months, the younger was closer to 13 months and even still, prefers to be carrier.  And he's two.

So, with my older boy, I wore him in a wrap for his first trip at 6 months.  By his second trip, at 13 months, he was very comfortable in his stroller and stayed in there when he wasn't running around.

But, with bubba #2, he's always been a Mama's boy.  No rush to walk or run.  Why bother, when mommy will carry everywhere."

I knew this going into our trip back in November.  I knew that, even at 18 months, he would want to be carried a lot.  So, I pulled out my trusty Ergo - never my favorite carrier, but one of ease and convenience, and packed it with me every day in the parks.

I know many parents that say "strollers are easier" or "I'll just carry them" - but this way (yeah, yeah, I may get a bit sweaty, but I would anyone if he was in my arms) I have my hands free, I can move all around, and drop the stroller off.  Especially at Disney, strollers can stay parked and we can go as we please with this convenient option.
Who doesn't love snuggly baby??
Honestly, he slept more in his great stroller from Kingdom Strollers than anything else, but I'm glad we had this option for the occasional nap!

Want to read more about baby wearing and see more options?  Check out my full page here!

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